Whatsapp Beta Tester Just in 6 simple step (Exclusive)

In today’s post, we will know how you can download the WhatsApp beta version. And along with this, we will also know what is WhatsApp beta tester?

 Friends, I hope this article makes complete sense to you.

You must have heard the name of WhatsApp beta on the internet. Do you know what is WhatsApp beta?

In today’s post, we will give complete information about the WhatsApp beta tester. And we will also mention how you can become a member of WhatsApp beta?

An app first updates its features in the beta version of the app.

If you use the WhatsApp beta version, then you get a lot more features in the WhatsApp public version.

Let’s know if you can also use the WhatsApp beta tester version?

I will tell you step-by-step. I Will clear all your confusion.

Let’s start…

What Is Beta Tester?

Beta tester is a separate app. The company updates the features in the beta version before updating the features in the official app.

She takes the feedback of the people by adding features to the beta version.

If people get positive feedback then the company updates the features in its official app.

Every big app company has a beta version application. Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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Today we will know about the WhatsApp beta tester. And also learn how WhatsApp beta tester works? And how to download it.

What is Whatsapp beta?

Whatsapp is a very large social media application.

Whatsapp has been downloaded more than 5 billion times from the play store so far. It has more than 120 million reviews.

New features are updated on Whatsapp beta version app.

Features are tested on Whatsapp beta. And feedback is taken from people.

If the feedback of the people came positive then that features on the public version. is updated.

If negative features come on those features then that features are not updated on the public version app.

I hope you now know WhatsApp beta is?

How to download the Whatsapp beta app?

If you want to download it from the play store or app store, you can not. The Beta version is full-on the play store or app store.

Do not take tension. Friends, let us know how you can download the Whatsapp beta tester version.

Step 1. First, you, open any web browser on your device. I would recommend the chrome browser.

Whatsapp Beta Tester

Step 2. Write apkmirror.com in the search box of Browser. After this, you will see something like this.

Step 3. Then you click on the search box and search WhatsApp beta.

Step 4. After this, you click on the first result and click on the icon which downloaded the WhatsApp beta tester. Then you select the build number and click on the download option of WhatsApp beta.

Step 5. Now you will ask for permission to download. You click on ok.

Step 6. Then your application will start downloading. After downloading, you install it.

Step 7. After installing, you can enjoy the Whatsapp beta tester.

How to leave Whatsapp Beta Programm?

If you don’t like the beta version of WhatsApp. And if you want the public version of WhatsApp again.

Again you can follow these some easy steps.

Step 1. First, you, open your play store. And WhatsApp messenger search key.

Step 2. After this, you open the WhatsApp messenger app.

Step 3. Then you scroll down, you will see the beta program under the developer option. You have to click on it.

Step 4. Then you will see an option to leave, you have to click on the option with leave.

After this, the beta version of WhatsApp will be uninstalled.

Top 3+ Best Alternative Of Whatsapp Beta in 2020

We also know the alternative as mods. Mods Application is third party apps. Which has more features than official apps?

The Mods app has many and good features.

Let us know about some mods application app of WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Plus

Whatsapp Plus is a free and secure app. Which you can use in your device.

You get very good features in Whatsapp Plus.

To use this app, your device must have version 5.0+. Its size is 53 Mb.

This app is just like the WhatsApp app. Which was launched in the market in 2011?

This app falls under the category of Nahi Legal and Nahi falls in the illegal category. This app comes under the gray category.

You can also download it from the internet very skillfully.

Features of Whatsapp Plus

● In this, you get the theme facility. In WhatsApp plus app, you can choose the theme according to your favorite. You will find more than 700 themes in WhatsApp plus app.

● In WhatsApp plus app, you get the option to hide status, conversation. Which you do not find on the normal WhatsApp messenger app.

● In this, you get the option of cleaner with the help of which the app can clean chats, status, cache.

● In this, you also get the option of auto-reply. All you have to do is set and keep what you want to send.

● In this, you can also change the style and fonts. This app has quite good features.

GB Whatsapp

GB WhatsApp is quite a popular alternative. Many people use GB WhatsApp, its features are also quite good.

You can easily download this app from the internet.

This app is absolutely free, you do not need to pay any paise. You will find many features on GB Whastapp.

If your device is 4.3 or above, then this WhatsApp will run on your phone. It has downloaded more than 10 million. The size of this app is 54 Mb.

You can use GB WhatsApp on both iPhone and Android.

There is no need to root in your device to use this app. In this app, you can also backup your data very easily.

You can also use its clone in a single device, that is, you can run 2 GB WhatsApp on the same device.

Features Of GB Whatsapp

● In this app also you get auto-reply features. Which is quite good. All you have to do is save the message that you want to send. When a friend messages you, he will be sent an auto-reply message.

● In it, you will see the option of a filter message. Which is quite good. You can filter your conversation.

● You can share your live location with your friends.

● In this, you can also download the status of your friends.

● In this, you can send images of high-resolution quality to your friends.

FM WhatsApp

FM Whatsapp is on our 3rd number. Which has been created by modifying the official Whatsapp app?

In this, you will get very visual experience and cool features.

The size of this app is 51 Mb. If your device remains above 4 versions then only this app will run in your device.

This app will not be found on the app store or google play store. You can download it from a third-party website.

Whenever you download an app from a third party website, then definitely install any antivirus software on your device.

In this, you get very good features. In this, you can also hide your last seen on WhatsApp and status also.

Features Of FM Whatsapp

● In this app, you can also customize your own WhatsApp interface. You can customize the icon in this app.

● In this app, you can customize your privacy. You can also deactivate video and audio calling features. You can lock in FM WhatsApp. Which becomes quite safe and secure.

● In this, you can also send a message to unsave contact.

In the original app, you can only pin 3 chats but you can pin 100 chats in it.

In this app, you can also change the color of the group.

● In this app, you can add up to 500 members in the group but only 250 members can add in the original app.

● In this, you can send up to 60 images to anyone simultaneously.

OG WhatsApp

The 4th and last of our list is the OG Whatsapp app. Its features and look are quite good.

It has more than 500 million monthly users. It has been made a moded version of the original WhatsApp.

It is a simple and secure app and it is also free. To use it, your device must be 5.0+ version. Its size is 48 Mb.

You will not find the OG WhatsApp application on the app store or play store. You need to download it from any third-party app downloading website. Note Keep in mind whenever you install antivirus software before downloading any application from any third-party websites.

You can use the OG WhatsApp app on both android and iPhone device

Features Of OG Whatsapp

● In this application, you can deliver more than 90 media simultaneously. Which is a very great feature? When is not possible in the official WhatsApp app.

● If anyone of your contact members is calling you again and again, then you can also block that contact member’s calls. Only his call block will be there, his number will not be blocked.

● You can also call an unsafe contact member in this app, without saving its number. And you can also message that member. Why don’t you have great features?

● In this app, you can make the group name more than 35 characters. You do not find these features in the official WhatsApp app.

● In this app, you can also download the status of your WhatsApp member.

Conclusion: –

How do we download WhatsApp beta version in this article? And I have also shared information about some alternatives to WhatsApp beta.

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