How to Recover Tik Tok Videos

Are you Indian? if yes then this blog post is only for you our team describes How to recover Tik Tok video and introduced different ways of Tik Tok video recovery after the ban. we reveal the secret of the Tik Tok videoes recovery process. I know you think Can we recover TikTok videos?

Ya it’s Possible

In India, Tik Tok is a good platform for influencing but our Prime Minister bans this application because its a Chinese application and maybe because of the different issues. the main point is here almost 30 to 40 percent of Tik Tok users are from India, they don’t even notify before the blocking of Tik Tok from the Indian server. its a sudden decision and we have to follow at any cost and why not so India is our nation. a single question arises from every Indian Tik Tok user How can I recover TikTok video after banned? maybe some Indians know how to recover Tik Tok videos but many of our friends still don’t know how to recover it.

I know you are the creators and how much time you have to spend on making a single video many attempts makes a perfect video. you feel demotivated if you have a huge fan following on Tik Tok and you hear news of an application ban.

technozee team here to help you if you want to recover your creation from Tik Tok after recovery you have to just remove the watermark if you want to upload videos again on any other platform. it’s your memories so many good memories which make you happy and it’s our pleasure to make a smile on the face of every technozee reader. that’s why we find ways to recover Tik Tok video after the ban. we introduce you with an app and a website to recover videos from this app and believe me guys it really works.

How to Recover Tik Tok video from a website

if you are a normal smartphone user and you don’t want to install an application because of storage issues then no problem at all. we recommend you to go through this website.

You have to simply type the username after that you can easily reach and download your old videos from this website even you can download your friends and your favorite Tik-Tok stars video without any password Barrier. one problem is there this website is a little bit slow if you want to download so many videos I suggest you download the application that mentioned below.

How to Recover your Tik Tok video Through Application

Maybe you tried many applications for video recovery but it doesn’t work because you get in touch with fake information or any fake videos on youtube or other platforms. don’t worry you can download your videos again from here without any VPN application. we are not saying to download any third-party application you can download it from the play store.

Follow The Simple Steps Given Below

Step 1:- open play store and search simply click on download, download it, and open it. it’s an Indian application so no need to worry about your username and password.

Recover Tik Tok Videos

Step 2:- its interface is almost like Tik Tok and you can comfortably understand it. simply you have to click on the profile option and you get a Sign-up prompt with two options Google or Facebook. Sign in with whatever you want. after Sign in you get a popup and ask you for linking your account with the change application.

Step 3:- Link your account and type your user name in the search bar and read carefully and tick the options which you want and submit it.

Maybe it takes time if your account contains numbers of the video in your profile you have to wait 10 minutes to 1 day it totally depends on the number of videos in your profile don’t worry about your videos and login data because all the details are on Indian server.

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I know many of your friends worried about video recovery from Tik Tok if the trick work and you got your video share the blog to your friend and family members and the last request it’s working or not in your smartphone please mention below in the comment.

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