How To Record Whatsapp Video Calls in 2022 [Best and Simple]

So finally today I come with a new and interesting topic how to record whatsapp video calls? In this article I will give you full detail and also guide step-by-step.

I hope you will know that whatsapp is an popular social media platform. More than 5 billion times whatsapp has been downloaded. And it have more than 2+ billions daily active users.

In a whatsapp we get massaging, audio calls, video calls, etc. more features. Now whatsapp also added a new features as a name of “whatsapp pay“. In this feature we able to send money from one account to another account.

It’s an amazing feature of whatsapp.

Let’s come with our article without wasting you expensive time.

Before know how to record WhatsApp video calls, let us know that Is it legal to record WhatsApp video conversation?

Is it legal to record WhatsApp video conversation?

It is an important question for you it is legal or illegal. So, friend’s you doesn’t want to take tension about this queries because in this article I will explain you in detail about all that queries that have any relation to record whatsApp video call.

Be alert that in some country didn’t allow to record any conversation. But in some cases law allow that to record telephone conversation for evidence purpose.

But in some country allow that to record any whatsApp video conversation like any memorial things, online note, any interview etc. during whatsApp video calls.

How to record whatsapp Voice calls on Android?

There are many applications available on play store that offer you to record whatsapp voice call.


I will recommend to you Cube call recorder to record whatsapp voice call. It is a awesome and popular application. It have more that 10 millions download on play store.

Step 1. Open play store on your Android and search cube call recorder and install first app.

Step 2. Open this app and allow all permission that this app will grant. And next accessibility service.

Step 3. And now, open you whatsapp application and make a call of that person whose call you want to record. Now on you screen pink-coloured recorded widgets will aromatically show.

Step 4. Now your call will start record. In some cases if your it doesn’t work or it give an error message, then go to the recording setting and enable “Force in-call mode”.

This is an fantastic application for record whatsapp voice call. And this app also offer you to record phones calls, whatsapp, facebook, WeChat, IMO, KAKAO, LINE, slack, hangout, Skype 7, etc. voice calls.

How to record whatsapp Video calls on Android?

You will find many such applications on the internet with the help of which you can record your whatsapp video call.

Today I will tell you in this article that you Rec. How to record whatsapp video calls with the help of (Screen Recorder) app?

If you want, you can also use du recorder application instead of this app.

Step 1. This app will get you a lot of easily on the playstore. You have to install this app. This app basically records the activity happening on the screen of our mobile.

Step 2. After download the app, you can do the setting according to you like the size, bit rate, duration, etc. of the video.

Step 3. Then you click on the record button. After this the app will ask for some of your permission. You allow all permission. And then click on ok.

Step 4. After this, all the activity happening on your screen will be recorded. Now call those whom you want to record whatsapp video call. Now your call record will start.

How to record whatsapp video calls on iPhone?

If you want to record whatsapp video calls in your iPhone, then follow the steps given below.

Step 1. First of all, you want to record whatsapp video. You call them

Step 2. After this swipe the top of the button in your iPhone. Then access control center will open in your iPhone.

Step 3. The record icon will appear in the Access control center. You have to click on the icon containing the record. Keep in mind that whenever you record whatsapp video, then turn on the option of microphone.

Step 4. Whatever is visible in your screen will start to be recorded. And then your whatsapp video call record will start happening.


In this article I have told you how you can record whatsapp video? Recording a Whatsapp video call is very easy.

You will find many applications on the play store, with the help of which you can record whatsapp video calls.

If you have another screen recorder app installed on your smartphone or iPhone, then you can also record whatsapp video calls with the help of that app.

In this article, I have told you the method of both android and iPhone which you can record whatsapp video calls by following.

If you have any query related to this article then definitely ask us by commenting.

Thank you ….

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