WhatsApp Payment: How to enable, send and receive money in 2022

Hey folk, today I am going to show you how to use WhatsApp payment? I hope you will know about WhatsApp’s new features named WhatsApp payment. Whatsapp just a few months ago launches this feature.

This feature of WhatsApp launch was launch in Brazil two years ago. Now WhatsApp payment feature is launched in India in the WhatsApp beta testing version.

This feature is under testing in India, but in January 2022, it’s launched in India officially.


Friends without wasting your time. Let’s start this article, “What is WhatsApp payment? And how do we use WhatsApp payment?

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What is Whatsapp Payment?

I hope you will be understood by their name WhatsApp pay, and it means to pay. At this time, WhatsApp is adding a lot of new features to its app.

However, WhatsApp payment had already been brought to Brazil and other countries two years ago. And in India, too, from 2019, the beta version of WhatsApp was undergoing testing.

It is now clearly stated by the CEO of WhatsApp that soon it will be officially launched.

With the help of these features, you can transfer money from your bank to another bank very easily with UPI’s help (Unified Payment Interface).

The way you used to transfer money from one account to another with the Paytm app’s help, with UPI’s help, the same process is also in it.

Whatsapp’s global head Will Cathcart has said that now making payments with WhatsApp payment features will be as easy as sending a message on WhatsApp.

In this article, I have told all the things related to WhatsApp payment. If you want to get complete information about WhatsApp payment, you will completely read this article.

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Some related things about Whatsapp Payment

1. In WhatsApp payment receiver and payment sender, both WhatsApp application has been updated.

2. Enable payment option on both receiver and sender.

3. Which person do you send money to, they should have registered any UPI platform, and they should have a bank account.

4. The mobile number from which your WhatsApp register is the same mobile number should also be added to your bank account. If your WhatsApp number and the number you add to the bank account are not the same, you cannot register your WhatsApp payment.

How to add bank details on WhatsApp payment? Or How to setup WhatsApp payment?

If the payment option is coming in your WhatsApp app and wants to add your bank detail on WhatsApp, follow this step.

Before setup, an account, note that your WhatsApp is updated.

Step 1. First of all, open your WhatsApp app and click on the 3-dots given above. There you will get the option of payment at the fifth number. You have to click on it.

How to add bank details on WhatsApp payment?

Step 2. After clicking on the payment, you will see some interface like “image 2”. Here you click on add payment method.

Step 3. Then a page of terms and conditions will open in front of you, something like “image 3”. There you have to need click on “Accept and continue”.

How to add bank details on WhatsApp payment?

Step 4. After this, search the bank’s name in which your account is in the “mage 4”. The way I wrote Paytm payment, the option of Paytm payment bank came. Similarly, you have to search for your bank.

Step 5. Then whatever will be the link to your mobile number bank, select use and click on “verify via SMS.” Like “image 5”.

How to add bank details on WhatsApp payment?

Step 6. After this, a new page will be open where it will be told that your bank has been successfully set up like “image 6”. Then you click on the done button.

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Step 7. After this, all your details like WhatsApp UPI id, bank detail, etc. The show will start happening. Like “image 7”.

How to set up whatsapp payment

So, friends, this was the setup of WhatsApp payment. If you want to see your account details, then open the WhatsApp app and click on the corner 3-dot button. After this, all the details of your account will be visible to you.

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How to send money from whatsapp Payment? Or How to use whatsapp payment?

You can only transfer money to those people who should have the option of payment in whatsapp and their bank account should be linked to whatsapp.

If you pass this condition then you can easily transfer money from whatsapp payment.

Step 1. First of all, whoever you want to pay, click on the option of payment box, click on the option with open kigiye and attachment (🔗). like “image 8”.

How to send money from whatsapp Payment? Or How to use whatsapp payment?

Note: – If you want to pay through UPI or QR code, then click on the 3-dots of whatsapp, click on the payment option. And then click on the option of “new payment”. After this, you will have an option to pay through upi id and QR code. 3-dots> payment> new payment

Step 2. Then fill the amount you want to pay and if you want to write reason in remark, then you can write it. Otherwise you leave it blank. see in “image 9”.

Step 3. After this, UPI will ask you to enter the pin. You enter your bank UPI pin. Then click on the OK button.

How to send money from whatsapp Payment? Or How to use whatsapp payment?

Step 4. After this your payment will be done successfully. You can see in “image 11”.

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How to enable whatsapp payment?

Friends, now comes the turn of those whose Whatsapp app does not have the option of payment enabled.

By the way, soon the option of whatsapp payment will be officially lunch.

If you want to turn on the option of instant whatsapp payment. So follow the steps given below.

You have to search for any of your freinds whose payment option will be enabled on whatsapp.

You have to ask them to invite you on whatsapp payment. Just open your chat option on whatsapp and click on the payment option. Then this kind of pop-up of their mobile will open.

How to enable whatsapp payment?

And after this, if your whatsapp is not updated then you will ask to update.

And if your whatsapp will be updated then the payment features will come.

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So friends, in this article, I have told you what is whatsapp payment? How to add bank detail on whatsapp payment?

And I have shared a lot of information related to this with you. From my views, this features of whatsapp is quite fantastic and payment is very fast with this features.

I hope you like this article. If you have any confusion related to this article, then comment by commenting.

We will definitely help you. If you liked this article, then definitely share it with among on your friends.

Thank you ….

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