How to Install Jio Tv App on Android Tv

Installing the Jio TV app in any Android TV is very easy, just you have to follow some steps, if you read this blog completely, then you will understand how you can install Jio TV app on your Android TV.

Step to install jio tv in android tv

Step 1: First of all, you have to install Jio TV App on your phone

Step 2: You have to install APK Export app from Google Play Store on your phone.

Step 3: Open APK Export app and Select Jio Tv App and Export Jio Tv app To APK File

How to Install Jio Tv App on Android Tv

Step 4: You have to go to file manager App of your phone and there you have to open APK Folder. There you will get jio tv apk for android tv, after that you have to copy it to your pen drive.

How to Install Jio Tv App on Android Tv

Step 5: You have to download the Set Orientation APK file on the phone and copy it to your Pen drive. then You have to check in your Pen drive that you have the APK file of Jio TV. And the second Set Orientation APK file, after that you have to connect your pen drive to your TV.

How to Install Jio Tv App on Android Tv

Step 6: You have to go to the file manager of your TV. and here you have to click on the install via USB option. After that you have to install the Jio TV APK and Set Orientation APK file on your TV. After that you have to open the Set Orientation app and here you have to select Automatic in the Set Orientation option and you have to close it.

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Now you have to open your Jio tv app, here you will see that your Jio tv app will open in landscape mode. Now after that You have to enter your user Jio User ID and password. You can also use Jio number OTP to login. As soon as you log in, your channel will start playing in the Jio TV app. You will be able to watch all the channels here, you will see all these channels absolutely free. And for this, you will not need an internet connection of Jio. Yes, if you are using Jio TV App on TV. So you should take a broadband connection.

So that you do not have the problem of buffering. And you do not have to face any problem. You can also watch all the HD channels here. You will need a mouse to use the Jio TV app. Because the TV remote will not be able to control this app. If you follow this whole process. So you can install the Jio TV app on any company’s Android TV like Sony, Samsung, LG, Mi, Vu, Thomson, Motorola, etc.

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