How to Back Up Your iPhone In 2022? [New Steps]

How to Back Up Your iPhone In 2022?| How to back up iPhone with the help of Mac and Window?

If you were planning to take a new iPhone, then it is very important that you take a backup of your old iPhone.

By taking a backup, you can recover the data of your old phone in your new iPhone. In today’s article, we will know that how to backup an iPhone via Mac/ Window?

In this article, I will tell you three methods. You can back up your iPhone by following any of the three methods.

So let’s start this article (back up your iPhone) today.

How to Back Up Your iPhone?

You can backup your iPhone with the help of iCloud, mac, window. In this article, I have told about all the three methods one by one.

Back Up iPhone Using iCloud

Step 1. Open Setting on your iPhone.

Step 2. Click on your name and choose iCloud.

Step 3. Now tap on iCloud backup.

{It will automatically back up your iPhone daily when iPhone is connected with a cellular network or any wi-fi connection.

Step 4. If you want to manually backup then click on the Backup Now option.

Back Up Your iPhone Using Your Mac

Step 1. Connect your iPhone and MacBook with a Data cable.

Step 2. Select your iPhone from the Finder sidebar.

Step 3. Click on General and select “Back up all of the data on your iPhone to this Mac”.

Step 4. Set password and select “Encrypt local Backup” and click on Back up Now.

Back Up Your iPhone Using Window PC/Laptop

You can Back up your iPhone using Windows laptop/PC.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone with a window pc using a cable.

Step 2. Open iTunes App on your window pc.

Step 3. Tap on the summary option.

Step 4. Click on back up now.

Step 5. Click on Encrypt local backup and set a new password.

After that successfully back up your iPhone.

Can you backup iPhone to both iCloud and iTunes?

Yes, you can back up your iPhone in both iCloud and iTunes. In this article, i have shared both methods.

Is it better to backup iPhone to iCloud or iTunes?

Both are best to backup iPhone. You can do backup your iPhone using both methods.


This method will work on only iOS 14 and iOS 15. In this article, I have clearly explained that how to back up your iPhone in 2022?

I have shared several methods to back up your iPhone. I hope this article “back up iPhone” will be helpful for you.

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