8 Best Free Android Apps 2020

We mentioned 8 best free android apps 2020. if you want to spy your child and your partner then we featured the best free spy apps for android 2020 if you are an old song lover or radio listener, all the 8 apps are from 8 different categories.

Why Should Free Android Apps?

As we know that many of us are not that much settled in any occupation and we not able to buy paid applications according to needs.

if you well settled then you don’t have time to use a paid application much then I suggest you use free applications. one main thing is that why should we go with a paid application if free android apps fulfill all our needs.

that’s why we share these free android apps which work almost similar to paid application.

Touch Protector

I feathered this application on top of the free android apps list because it is very useful for every person. if anyone suddenly checks your smartphone maybe your parents or friends or any person.

touch protector, it sounds like tempered glass or an app lock but it is not a touch protector is an application to freeze the screen, and it’s available on the play store.

Touch Protector app

Suppose you are using Facebook at the same time of study suddenly your mom enters the room and asks you what are you doing at the time of study and suddenly takes your phone for checking what you are doing with the phone at the same time as the study.

you have to just shake your phone and give it to your mom. after shaking the phone your smartphone screen is freeze.

mom is just surprised and puzzled after seeing this and thinks that what I had done and give it back to you. you can also prank with your friend and make your friend fool by this application.

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I thought its a wonderful application in the list of 8 best free android apps 2020. technozee featured this application especially for parental use and also we want to spread awareness about these types of applications.

nowadays hacking is a little bit common so be aware of this type of application.

zAnti helps in spying anybody can hack your smartphone and access all data of your phone without touching your phone.

this app is developed for checking the vulnerabilities of network connection by this app you know the risk of any network connection. many people use this app for men in the middle attack and access all the data of secure network connection.

be aware of these people and think once if you are sharing wifi with anyone because wifi plays the main role in this application.

zAnti app

in simple words, you can hack any phone if you are connected to the phone wifi of that phone and now all control of that phone is in your hands.

if he is browsing on google chrome or anywhere you can access all browsing history.

it’s a wonderful spy application I ever saw but if u don’t know how to use it then I suggest you first read how to use it and then use this application in good work. it’s not on the play store and second in the list of best free Android apps 2020. if you don’t want to install any third party free android apps then read the third app on the list. it is also a spy app And it’s available on the play store

Note:- Our main purpose of introducing Zanti in the list of 8 best free android apps 2020 is to spreading awareness about this application. especially it is recommended for parental use if you miss use it you are responsible for it.



Nowadays everyone is smart and anybody can spy your phone and if we mention information and apps about how to spy anybody’s smartphone then it’s our pleasure to prevent your smartphones from spying.

that’s why we introduced this application. don’t worry Logdog makes your phone safe and prevents your phone data.

if someone is trying to access your data by any spy app or if your friend installed any spy app on your phone. Logdog scans your device and gives you scan information if any spy app exists on your phone by logdog you can detect it easily and it’s on the play store and third in the list of best free Android apps 2020.

Logdog app

you can also check your social accounts and check the level of security is it secure or not.

Flash key logger

many of the time your friends use your smartphone to access Facebook or any social media platforms and log out after use. if you don’t want to share your phone with any person then I recommend you should try it once and prank on that person.

you can access all data and you can log in his/her social media accounts again. flash key logger helps you to reach anyone Facebook anyone Instagram any of activity which is done by your keyboard.

Flash key logger app

you can access all data and you can see what he/she typed by your phone in simple words you can see all the activities which are performed by the keyboard.

first, you have to download Flash key logger and install it after installing open the app and create the password, choose a security question, answer of that question after that you have to enable the apps button, and then you have to enable the keyboard and select keyboard and allow the accessibility setting and in last you have to click on enable button and enable it. it’s on the play store and fourth in the list of best free Android apps 2020.

Radio Garden

If you are a creative person and love to explore things then a radio garden is an application for you. this application helps you to reach all regional radio channels in the world.

you can hear any live radio channel in a single touch you can hear songs of any region and in regional language.

its user interface is like a globe or earth you have to zoom the globe touch on the green dot on the map and in a connect with regional radio. it’s too helpful if u are an old song lover you can hear old songs or songs in different languages and enjoy it.

it’s on the play store and fifth in the list of best free Android apps 2020.

Radio Garden

Safe lagoon

nowadays smartphones are necessary for everyone but sometimes it misused by children if you are a parent and you want to spy your child then this app is for you safe lagoon provides you all features of spying like a paid application but it is free. it’s on the play store and sixth in the list of best free Android apps 2020.

Safe lagoon

Features of The Safe Lagoon

you can see all the chats and text of your child

it has a screen mirror feature, you can access all the overview of the application that he/she used you can read all social media messages that done by your child screen mirror provide you the information in screenshot internet.

you can see all the search history with the exact time you can see the exact location of your child.

if he/she changes the location you get the notification and location details. you can see app details in screen time like how much time he/she spends on that application and visit timing.

you can also Browse chats of social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, and Viber in a fully categorized manner in the chat option.

Features of The Safe Lagoon

you can check call details and messages. if your ward is notorious then you can also block app and games after blocking need password to access blocked apps.

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maybe you heard about this application its a face-off video app. in the app, you have photos and videos.

all you need to do just take a selfie of yours and select any of these videos it will take approximately 30 to 40 seconds and you will see your face as the main character in the video.

Reface app

the face warp AI function performs exceptionally good and believes me you will be surprised with the results. it’s seventh in the list of free android apps and available on play store

I have been using this app from few months. I love it’s easy sharing feature its only demerit is that you can make a limited number of refacing video in a day.

Call Recording for WhatsApp

Many of the time we want to record calls on WhatsApp but WhatsApp has no call recording inbuilt function.

if you want then it is possible by Call recording for the WhatsApp application. With the help of this application, you can record any WhatsApp call and store the audio. it’s easy to use and has a clear user interface.its on the last number of the best free android apps 2020 list

Call Recording for WhatsApp

in the list of free android apps which application you love the most please mention in the comment section and allow notification of technozee for more technology updates.

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