VMOS no More Root Now (2020)

Do you want to root your phone if yes then why? you want to root your smartphone because you want to use the root applications on your phone? download think ones if you want to root your device for this reason download VMOS unlocker apk no More Root Now. I am not discussing demerits of root here but I want to make you sure if you want to use a rooted application in your phone then there is another way for it no more root needed to use rooted applications

What is VMOS?

VMOS unlocker ( virtual machine operating system )

As you have seen in the full form its a virtual operating system. create virtual ROM with the help of VMOS. So no More Root Now in your device not only virtual ROM you will also get root access without root so read the blog and try VMOS unlocker apk no More Root Now.

in simple words, it works as an Emulator, and you can install another android version in your smartphone without root. if you are a pc user you heard about multi-windows you can use 2 windows in your pc like windows 7 and Windows XP at the same time maybe you tried ones.

you can also do it on your smartphone too you can use two android versions or we can say that two android versions in a single device you can switch your android as per need.

it sounds good 🙂

Why Should VMOS?

if you have a new smartphone and you are thinking to root then I highly recommend you go through the VMOS unlocker apk. technnozee make you clear why should we suggest you use this application. if you are going to root your phone and you are a new smartphone user then be aware that you are no more valid customer to clam for warranty after root access in your phone and one important point for new and old smartphone buyers sometimes root makes your phone brick(dead). I thought you should drop your smartphone root idea.

How to Enable root in this Application?

You do not get root access by just installing it so let’s follow step by step how you can enable it.

You can download it through any browser or read our post and see step by step how to download VMOS after downloading. open application in your phone

Step 1:- You have to click on enter VMOS, you have to allow permit draw over another app after permit access

Step 2:- You will get a prompt of the access request of your storage location and audio you have to click on to authorize and allow all the permissions

Step 3:- Select screen resolution and wait for installing ROM and unzip it maybe take time but no need to worry no more data needed now after the unzipping of ROM wait for some more time it maybe takes up to 5 to 10 minutes

Step 4:- Open setting, click on system setting, click on about phone, tap 7 times on build number and your developer option is on

Step 5:- Press the back button and click on developer options in developer option you have to turn on the root toggle

and now you can access all the rooted apps in your phone without rooting your phone

Note:- You have to download one more application or one add on VMOS launcher you have to simply download it and install it after that you can see the interface of the application.

Features of VMOS Unlocker

Two Accounts Online

  • Did you hear about parallel space? this feature is almost like this you can easily download the same application again and again and access with different credentials.
  • The most important thing you can access different applications with different Gmail accounts like if you are a youtube or social media influencer this feature makes your work easy.

Picture in Picture Mode

  • Floating window display above the other application with free drag and free zoom. you can use it when you are watching the video and chatting at the same time.
  • There is a pin option you can easily pin where you want and also u can mute or minimize the floating window as per your requirement.
Picture in Picture Mode

Application Background Running

  • In your smartphone, you can minimize the application and work on another application as you want this same feature you get in this VMOS unlocker apk.
  • You can minimize youtube nad here the voice of that video it’s beneficial when you want to hear a song but don’t want to see the video.

Custom Resolutions 

  • You can customize the resolution of the application as per your need.
  • Here you get three options of customization ( 1080*1920, 720*1280, 360*640 ) and you can also add a measurement of customization.
Custom Resolutions

Floating Gesture

  • You can control the whole app by the Floating Gesture.
  • Back option is used when you are surfing the internet or if you want to back and enter in another app.
  • Minimize to minimize the application.
  • Task to see the resent open apps or apps running in the background.
  • Resetresolution to force close and rester the resolution.
  • home to go in the home screen..
  • Notification to see the notification on the notification bar.
Floating Gesture

Few Differences Between VMOS & VMOS Pro

Old versionIt is the latest version
Android 5.1.0 Android 7.1
Single optionThree options
Google play store Google play store
No google play serviceGoogle Play Service
You have to allow root access ROOT Access pre inbuilt option
No chinese version An inbuilt Chinese version of VMOS

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