WhatsApp secret tricks 2020

Do you think all the upgrades are only in GB WhatsApp? if yes then you are wrong. we mentioned below many of WhatsApp secret tricks which makes you a pro user of WhatsApp. we also tried to solve WhatsApp cheating tricks. we introduce whatsapp hacks and try to solve whatsapp hack issues.

I know many of you want to spy your children, partners, and friends either try a simple hack like WhatsApp web or trying the third-party apps. WhatsApp web helps us but it’s not working because nowadays every person knows about it. after that, you are using too many third-party applications that do not fulfill your demands or not working as you want. third party applications are not safe and harm your smartphone too. that why we listed shocking secret tricks of WhatsApp that definitely help you a lot

1. WhatsApp tracking(WhatsApp cheating tricks)

As I said WhatsApp web is too old day by day we need to upgrade our knowledge if you want to be a smart spy then try whatsapp cheating tricks

you have to follow the step by step as per i mentioned below

Step 1:- Open google chrome and search mobile tracker you have to click on the first result

Step 2:– you have to free register by the mail id and download the application because its a third party application you have to allow the popup and install it after installing you have to disable play protect because play store doesn’t allow to install any third-party application in smartphones so disable it and allow to run. then open the application and set up the option as per need

Step 3:- After completing the setup you have to put the email id or password that you entered in the registration form.

and after following these simple steps you can able to track all details like call history, call recordings, file manager, and even live screen too. the most important you can reach all social media messages and track all the details which are sown in picture of step 3

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Anonymous WhatsApp (Fake WhatsApp)

if u want to prank on your friend with a new WhatsApp number. do you think to buy a sim card and make a prank?

if I say no need to buy a new sim card. you can do by virtual no or fake number. I know you are excited to know about fake number

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how it’s possible to register fake number?

you have to follow the step by step as per i mentioned below

Step 1:- open play store and search 2nd line and you have to download and install it. this application helps you to generate a free phone no of any country. your friend can’t able to track you have to select country code and select the no from the given list.

Step 2:- you have to put an email id, password, and sign up in app it’s a paid application but you can use it for trial for 3 days.

Note :- no need to put real email id or password in it

after signup, you have to choose which country phone no you want you to have to choose area code which area fake number you want you have to verify on WhatsApp and you can use it permanently to.


how to download your friend’s WhatsApp story

I know nowadays many of us are using GB WhatsApp and save anyone WhatsApp story in a single click. I think still you don’t know GB WhatsApp is not safe for you and your personals. for our technozee readers, we listed this in the secret hack. you can download a story by normal Whatsapp to no need of mod apk.

you have to follow step by step as per i mentioned below

Step 1:- First, click on the story which you want to save and see the full story after that minimize WhatsApp. Click on file manager and allow the file manager to show hidden files.

Step 2:- Go in the WhatsApp folder then after going in the media folder in the last click on the .status folder as shown in the picture below and you can able to see your friend’s status in your file manager. change the location of the video status or pic because .status contain only temporary status files.

A tip to make your WhatsApp more secure 🙂

Many of the time we use app lock in WhatsApp and file manager and we think no one access our data and it is secure but in reality, it’s not. anybody can access your WhatsApp and file manager if you are not locking your chrome browser and see your personals.

open chrome browser and search file:///sdcard/

and anybody can reach file managers and whatssap database and by this code, anybody can check your personals. that why we want to make aware of this and our main moto whatsapp hack prevention that’s why we feathered in the list of Whatsapp secret tricks

How to See Hidden Last seen

Do you want to spy anyone? if your partner, child, or friend is hiding last seen of WhatsApp. if you want to know how much time he/she spent on WhatsApp don’t worry you can spy easily by following these steps.

you have to follow step by step as per i mentioned below

Step 1:- open google and search whatslog mod apk apkshub click on the first link and install it. it not free but don’t worry you can also download mod apk because whatslog is not on google play store now.

Step 2:- click on WhatsApp and enter the Whatsapp number which you want to see last seen and press on ok button and minimize it. whatslog provides all information about online and online timing and how much time your friend spends on WhatsApp. you get a notification if he/she is either online or offline. the best thing is that you can see online and offline details of any Whatsapp number even you are blocked.

how to unsend 1 year old messeges

WhatsApp has a feature delete message from everyone but you can take benefits of this feature for 30 minutes after sending the message.

but we find a bug and you can delete any messages even one-year-old messages. you have to follow the step by step as per I mentioned below

Step 1:- Note the date and time of msg which you want to delete after that you have to turn off data.

Step 2:- go in app settings and force stop the whatsapp.

Step 3:- go in date and time setting, change the date, and time (set date and time 10 min after of message that you want to delete).

Step 4:- go in WhatsApp again and you wonder to see the option delete from everyone by this process you can delete any message from everyone no matter how old messages you want to delete.

WhatsApp bubble

do you know I love messenger because of the messenger bubble feature its too much handy you can reply and minimize in one touch

which one do you use?

Facebook lite

facebook + messenger

write in comments

do u know you can eneble bubble feature in whatsaap too.

you have to follow the step by step as per i mentioned below

step 1:- open play store search whatsbubble, click on install and install it.

Step 2:- open whatsbubble and customize settings according to your need and after that, you can use WhatsApp bubble to reply while you are in another app. the most important thing is that nobody knows you are online because it freezes the online status.

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