Paytm Mini App Store Full Information in 2022 (Exclusive)

A Paytm mini app store has been launched by Paytm. Friends, in today’s article, I will give you complete information about the Paytm mini app store.

In this article, I will tell you how you can use the Paytm mini app store? And what is the benefit of the Paytm app store?

Often we have to use an application, so we have to download that app. And this also covers the space of our device. By filling more storage, our device starts to hang.

Paytm mini app store

Do you also want to get rid of this problem? So this post is only for you.

What is the Paytm Mini App Store?

In the Paytm app store., you can use any apps without download.

Friends, let me tell you a special thing about the Paytm mini app store. that you do not need to install any application here in your device. Any application that will remain here, you can easily click and use it.

You will not have to install it here. Just as you have to download the application from google play store or any other app store, in that way you do not need to install the app here.

The maps which will be present in the mini app store, you can easily use it without download.

How to use the Paytm Mini App store?

To use these features you do not have to download any separate app. You can use these features through the Paytm app.

To use it, you must have the Paytm app’s latest app installed on your mobile.

If you have not updated your Paytm, then first update it. Only after updating it can use the features.

Step 1. First of all, open a Paytm app on your mobile. On the home page, you will find a button to show more to click on it.

Paytm mini app store

Step 2. After this you will see the tab of your mini-app store on the left side, you have to click on it. Then you will see some such interface.

Paytm mini app store

Here you will find ola cabs, domino’s pizza, food delivery, order medicine, speed text, EMI calculator, etc. Popular apps like this will be seen.
You can use all these applications without downloading them.

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Step 3. After this, you have to click on the button of the mini-app store (Red marked circle). After this, a new interface will appear in front of you.

Here you can see how many apps you can use.

Paytm mini app store

Benefits of Paytm Mini App Store

● Paytm mini app store has many benefits, one of them is that all the apps will be available on Paytm mini store, you can use all apps without downloading them.

● If you now want to add your apps to the Paytm mini app store. So friends, let me tell you that you too can add your apps to the Paytm mini app store.

Just you have to go to the official website of Paytm. Below you will see the option of register the Paytm mini app store. You have to click on the option containing the register.

After clicking, the detail that you will be asked, you have to fill it correctly. After filling, click on the submit wale option.

Then your app will be added to the Paytm mini app store.

300+ app-based service providers added

Paytm promise to users that our paytm mini app store gives direct access to discover, browse, and play without downloading or installing apps.

More than 300 app-based service providers such as Decathlon, Ola, Park +, Rapido, Netmeds, 1MG, Domino’s Pizza, FreshMenu, No broker, etc. have joined the Mini App Store.

Paytm mini App Store was still running in beta version with select users and obtained more than 12 million visits in September months

Free Listing And Distribution

Paytm is offering listing and distribution of apps on its Mini App Store without any charge.

Developers will be able to offer Paytm payment bank, Paytm wallet, net-banking, UPI, and card payment options to their mini-app users. Paytm has said that it will not take money from developers for selling apps or content.

Let us know that recently Google has said that if a developer sells an app or content from the play store, then he will have to pay 30% of the amount to Google.

Paytm app was removed From Google Play Store for violating rules

Please tell that in September, Google removed the Paytm app from the Google Play Store.

Google removed Paytm from the Play Store, alleging violation of the rules. However, a few hours later the Paytm app was returned to the Play Store.

Now Mini App Store is being considered as the answer of Paytm to Google.


So friend how is this article’s Paytm mini app store full information. In this article, I also show you what is Paytm mini app store?

How to use the Paytm mini app store? And I have also told you the benefit of the Paytm mini app store

Please share your opening for the Paytm mini app store.
Thank you…

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