How To Check Your Airpod’s Battery Life

If you have wondered how to check your AirPods battery life on your Android or Apple device, then there are many options at your disposal using this guide.

How To Check Your Airpod’s Battery Life

Typically, Airpod models lack a battery indicator display and this limits Airpod users from knowing the battery life of their Airpods. However, the widgets panel on one’s iPhone or iPad can be used to monitor the battery usage of all devices connected to an iPhone. Also, a simple tip to know how to check your Airpod’s battery life would be to ask Siri.

Although Airpods do not show battery percentage, Apple provides other methods for iOS users to monitor the battery life on the gadgets. Users can check their Airpod battery life by holding the Airpod close to their device with the case lid open. Also, using the battery widget or checking the battery status on a Mac computer are proven methods for checking the AirPods battery life.

This guide gives step-by-step instructions on different methods to check your Airpod’s battery life on iOS and Android devices.

How To Check Your Airpod’s Battery Life

As previously stated, Airpod models do not come with an indicator that shows exactly how much battery is left. However, they come with a light indicator that gives the user a rough idea of the battery status. However, the light indicator does not show the actual battery percent of the Airpod. Hence, to check the Airpod’s battery life, the user will need to follow the methods below.

Method 1. (Check Airpod Battery With iPhone/iPad)

One who owns an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or iTouch can check the exact battery percent of the Airpod on their device. Typically, when the battery of the Airpod hits 20%, 10%, and 5%, Apple users will receive a low battery popup on their screens. However, users should check the battery percent on their respective devices before it drops too low.

Below is a step by step guide to checking Airpod battery life on Apple devices;

  • Go to settings and turn on Bluetooth.
  • Place the Airpods in their case. Then, hold it close to the device and open the lid.
  • Wait for a pop-up on the screen. The notification will show the battery percentage of the AirPods and the case.
  • To check the battery percent of each Airpod, remove one of the Airpods from the case and wait for a new reading.

Method 2. (Using The Battery Widget)

It is also possible to check the Airpod’s battery life while using them. With this method, the battery will be shown in the phone’s battery widget. The user can then add the widget on the Today View on iOS.

Below is a step by step guide to achieving this method;

  • Go to the phone’s settings and enable Bluetooth. Ensure that the slider at the top of the screen is green. Also, confirm that the Airpods are connected to the device.
  • Tap and hold any blank space on the device. Doing this will cause the apps on the phone to jiggle.
  • Look for the plus icon on the top of the screen and click on it. This will take the user to the widget page.
  • Look for Batteries and tap on it.
  • The user will need to choose between a rectangular, small or large squared widget. Choose any widget size.
  • Select Add Widget
  • The widget will appear on the home screen. Next, place the device on the top right or any other position. If the user already has other gadgets on the home screen, stack the new gadget on top of the others.
  • Tap Done on the top right corner of the screen.

With this method, the user can see the battery life of their Airpod displayed on the widget page along with other Apple gadgets like an Apple watch.

Method 3. (Check Airpod Case Battery Life On Mac)

If the Airpod is connected to a Mac computer, the user can check the Airpod’s battery life on the desktop.

Here is how to check your Airpod’s battery life on Mac;

  • Ensure that the AirPods are in the case with the lid shut.
  • On the top right of the computer screen, click on the Bluetooth logo. If the user cannot find the Bluetooth symbol, navigate System Preference on the drop-down menu. Click on Bluetooth, then check the box next to Show Bluetooth.
  • Check the list of paired devices and select your Airpod. If the Airpod is not displayed, then close the case. Press and hold the button behind the case and wait till the Airpod’s light indicator starts blinking. Also, ensure that the Airpod is not connected to another device.
  • Open the lid of the AirPods case. The user will see the battery percent of both Airpods displayed on the bottom of the screen.

Method 4. (Check Airpod Battery Without An iOS Device)

With this method, the user may not be able to know the exact battery percent that is left on the Airpod. However, the user will have a rough idea of how much battery life they have left on each bud.

  • Remove the Airpod from the case and open the lid
  • Depending on the Airpod model, check the status light of the case. For the MagSafe charging case and the wireless charging case, the status light will be at the front. For the regular charging case, the status light sits between the spaces of the Airpod inside the case.

For all three models, the status light works in the same way. If it turns green, the case is fully charged. If the lights are amber, the battery is less than 20%.

How To Check Airpod’s Battery Life Using An Android Phone

How To Check Your Airpod's Battery Life

Apple’s Airpods may have been designed for iOS devices primarily. However, one can still check Airpod battery on Android using a simple workaround.

Below is a step by step guide on how to check your Airpod battery life for Android users

  • Go to Play Store and download the AirBattery app
  • Install the app and then pair the Airpod to the Android phone.
  • Place the Airpod in its case, then hold it close to the phone.
  • Open the lid of the charging case. A pop-up notification will appear on the screen, and the battery status of each bud will be displayed on the bottom.

Bottom Line

New Airpod users may be stunned to learn that there is no way to check their Airpod’s battery life on the Airpod itself. While it may be disappointing, there are many alternatives on how to check your AirPod’s battery life on your device. Whether one chooses an iPhone, Mac, or even an Android phone, there are more ways than one to keep track of your Airpod battery status.

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