How To Delete Bookmark on MacBook in 2022?

You just read an amazingly written article that will be useful in the near time future, what would you then do? Bookmark the blog, right. Bookmarks are one of the most productive and prominent features of any browser, it allows you to save any article of your choice, without actually downloading the file. This also helps in saving the device’s storage. 

In this article, we will discuss the procedure of creating a bookmark on your MacBook so that the next time you find an interesting article on the internet, you can easily save it without any hassle. The main focus of this blog is to help you with how to delete bookmarks on mac”.

What is Bookmarks on Macbook?

Bookmarks on Macbook

We all tend to have different websites installed in our system ranging from the popularity of chrome to the time-saving efficiency of Brave and well how can we miss the default system browser by using which you do install all the other browsers. 

Well, if you use different browsers as we all do, you might have realized how different websites have different bookmarks, and it’s nearly impossible to access the bookmark lists you created on chrome through safari. So, in the next few sections, we will see how to create and manage bookmarks on various browsing software of your mac.

Use of bookmarks

A bookmark is a productivity-enhancing tool on your browser that enables you to revisit the bookmarked website by saving the URL of the website to your browser. Something that you need to remember, is a bookmark saves the URL of the content and not the actual content of the website, and so an active internet connection is required to access the bookmarked content.

How to Create bookmark on apple safari?

Being an Apple user, you would know that safari is the default browser apple serves all its mac, iPad, and iPhone users with. Here are the steps, you need to follow to save your desired article on your bookmark list.

  1. Open the Safari browsing software from the applications section of your mac.
  2. Open the website that you desire to add in your bookmarks.
  3. Click the share icon on the toolbar, and then choose the add bookmark.
  4. Now choose where you want to save your bookmark, the default option is ‘favorites’
  5. Now you can rename it as you like.
  6. You can also add a short description that may give you a brief description of the section.
  7. And now Click add.
  8. You can also directly access the bookmark section, by clicking the’menu’ button, then select ‘bookmarks’ to access and modify the given list.


  1. Open the Safari software from the applications section of your mac.
  2. Open the website that you desire to add in your bookmarks.
  3. Now click and drag the website’s URL from the address bar icon to the bookmarks bar.

And with these simple steps you can easily add a bookmark to your apple browser, but what comes after this is the deleting part. In the below section we will discuss the steps to remove the bookmark from the added section.

How to delete a bookmark on apple safari?

After creating a bookmark, the next step you should learn for is ‘deleting a bookmark’, there could be various reasons for you to delete a bookmark that you created a while ago, but the most general one could be to e simply willing to organize your browser and the related sections, to enhance the productivity of the mac.  

  1. Follow the following steps to delete a bookmark from the added bookmark list. 
  2. Launch the Safari app from the applications section of your MacBook.  
  3. When the app opens, click the top left sidebar section from your browser. 
  4. From the sidebar menu section, click on the bookmark icon from the list.  
  5. (Tip: this icon appears like an open book page in the sidebar section) 
  6. Select the bookmark you want to delete 
  7. Now click on the delete icon to permanently delete your bookmark, you can also replace this step by clicking on the ‘delete’ button on your keyboard.

How to delete bookmark on Chrome on Macbook?

Following are the steps to delete a bookmark from mac in your chrome browser- 

  1. Launch your Chrome browser from the application sections of your mac book. 
  2. At the top right section of the homepage, you can see a three dots menu, 
  3. Click the three-dotted menu 
  4. In the menu section, click bookmarks 
  5. Select bookmark manager from the bookmark list section. 
  6. Now open the list you want to delete the bookmark from 
  7. Select the desired URL. 
  8. Click the delete icon and then click confirm. 

And with these steps, you can easily delete the created bookmarks from the browser.

Should you really delete a bookmark?

There could be various reasons and various opinions about this question, some people argue that there is no need to delete a previously created bookmark and you shouldn’t be wasting your time doing so. But in reality, deleting bookmarks from your MacBook is a great productivity hack to manage and organize your MacBook and to improve your overall productivity.

So, if you don’t want to end up scrolling through hundreds of websites, articles and webpages links in your bookmark section, then do consider deleting the ones you no longer require to visit. This will save you from a lot of hassle and unproductivity. 

Keyboard shortcuts to view and use the bookmarks on your mac book: 

In the given table, there are some keyboard shortcuts to manage your time and enhance your productivity. With these shortcuts you can easily view and manage your bookmark lists.


S. No.

Browser name:

Keyboard shortcut to add a bookmark on mac:



Command + D



Command + shift + B


Microsoft edge

Ctrl + shift + O



 Ctrl + shift + B


Internet explorer

Ctrl + I

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