How To Check Airtel Number?| Check Airtel Balance

Hey, what’s up guys in this article I am going to tell you how to check airtel number? How to check airtel mobile number?

If you are using Airtel company SIM, then this article is going to be more helpful for you.

There have been a lot of changes in the SIM of Airtel company at this time as compared to before. Some airtel USSD codes have also changed.

In today’s article, I will tell you about some such methods, with the help of which you will know very well how to check Airtel number? And how to check airtel data balance?

So read this article carefully.

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How to Check Airtel Number?

If you have SIM of any Airtel company. And if you want to know the number of that SIM then you have come to the right place. In today’s article, I am going to tell you how to check Airtel mobile number?

Well, there are many methods to check Airtel number. Today I am going to tell about three methods in this article.

With the help of these methods, you can check Airtel number on any mobile.

Check Airtel Mobile Number Via Call [Method 1]

In the first method, you have to call Airtel care. For this, your Airtel sim should have incoming and outgoing on.

If there is no recharge in your Airtel SIM, then before following this method, you should recharge at least Rs.10 in your airtel sim.

Only then follow the steps given in this niche. Either you follow how to check Airtel Number [method 2].

  • You open the dialer pad in your mobile. And then call 121 or 198 from that airtel sim.
  • After this, click 1 for mobile service.
  • Now Airtel customer support will tell you your mobile number on the call as well as tell about balance, data, validity.

In this way, you can check your Airtel number.

Check Airtel Mobile Number Using USSD Code[Method 2]

With the help of the USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) code, you can find any details of your Airtel mobile.

USSD code is found in all telecom companies. You can take telecom service with the help of a USSD code without calling customer care.

Let us know the USSD Code For Airtel SIM.

Step 1. Open call/phone app on a smartphone and open dialer pad.

Step 2. Dial *121*9#, *282#, *121*1#, etc.

Step 3. Now a pop screen open. You can see your airtel mobile number.

Check Airtel Mobile Number Using Via Airtel App [Method 3]

If you have a smartphone then follow this method. Because to follow this method you have to download the Airtel app.

Step 1. Open the play store and search the Airtel Thanks app.

Step 2. Download the Airtel Thanks app.

Step 3. Log in with your Airtel number.

Step 4. On the home screen, you can see your mobile number.

So friends these are the three popular ways to check airtel number. I hope after following these steps you will be able to find your airtel number.

Now let’s know how to check Airtel balance.

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How to Check Airtel Balance?

As I told you many methods to check the airtel number, in the same way, I will tell you many methods to check airtel net balance.

So let’s know without wasting time that how to check Airtel Net Balance?

How to check Airtel Data Balance Via Airtel App?

You can check airtel data balance with the help of the Airtel Thanks App. Airtel thanks app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

You can download the Airtel Thanks app from Android and also download it from Appstore. Let’s know how to check Airtel tariff plan.

Step 1. Open Google Play store.

Step 2. Search the Airtel Thanks app and download it.

Step 3. Log in with your airtel app.

Step 4. On the home screen, your can see your current active plan. Click on view more.

Step 5. Now all details will be shown on your mobile screen.

How to check Main Balance in Airtel App?

Step 1. Go to the phone/call app.

Step 2. Open dialer.

Step 3. Dial *123#

How to check Airtel SMS Balance?

Step 1. Open phone app.

Step 2. Open Dialer pad.

Step 3. Dial *123# and select 7 number or you can directly check SMS by dialing *121*7#.

How to check Airtel Validity And Plan?

It is very simple to check airtel plan and validity. You can check airtel plan and validity via Airtel Thanks app. Or dial *123#

If you want to check the direct Airtel sim plan and validity. Then, open the dialer on your smartphone and dial *121*2#.

How to check Airtel 4G Dongle Balance in 2022?

Step 1. Connect your mobile/laptop with your airtel dongle.

Step 2. Open any web browser and type

Step 3. Now open the first website.

Step 4. Login with your admin username and password.

After login, you can see all details related to the airtel dongle balance.


In this article, I have shared information related to how to check the airtel number? And how to check Airtel net/plan/main balance?

I have shared several methods to check airtel balance and airtel number.

I hope this article “check airtel number” will have been beneficial for you.

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