How to download Whatsapp status video on Android/iPhone? [3 Methods]

How to download Whatsapp status video on Android Phone? How to download Whatsapp status on iOS smartphone? If you use WhatsApp then you must be well aware of the WhatsApp status feature.

Many people also think that how to save WhatsApp status videos in the gallery? Just like we do on Facebook, Instagram, etc. But the story looks like a status on WhatsApp also.

Whatsapp status automatically disappears after 24 hours. When we want to save someone’s WhatsApp status in our gallery, so far there is no such official feature on Whatsapp with the help of which we can save whatsapp status in the gallery.

When we want to download whatsapp status, then by taking a screenshot of the image, we can save the image in the gallery. But how to save whatsapp status video?

So do not worry, in today’s article you will get the solution of all the queries related to whatsapp status download. In today’s article, I am going to tell you how to save whatsapp status videos in Android/iOS?

Download Whatsapp Status In Gallery

All the methods I told in today’s article, you can download whatsapp status in your android and iPhone with the help of those methods. And you will not have to download any third-party app to download whatsapp status.

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How to download whatsapp Status Video on Android Phone?

Save Whatsapp Video On Gallery [Method 1]

Step 1. Open the file manager app on your android phone.

Step 2. Click on more option>setting and enable show hidden files.

Step 3. Go to android> media> Whatsapp> Media > Status

Step 4. Now long press on the video file which you want to save on gallery and copy it.

Step 5. Now paste that video on any other folder. Now, the whatsapp status video will be successfully saved on your smartphone.

Download Whatsapp Status Video On Android [Method 2]

Step 1. Open the google file app or you can download the google file app from the google play store.

Step 2. Now go to setting and enable show hidden file option.

Step 3. Now open internal storage option > Android> Media> Whatsapp> Media> status

Step 4. Which whatsapp status do you want to download copy it.

Step 5. Now paste that video on any other folder

How to download Whatsapp status video On iPhone?

It is very simple to download whatsapp status on iPhone. Now I am going to tell you how to how to save whatsapp status videos on iPhone?

Step 1. Go to the control center on iPhone.

Step 2. Select screen recording.

Step 3. Start screen recording on your iPhone.

Step 4. Now open whatsapp app and play that whatsapp status video that you want to save on the gallery.

Step 5. Stop screen recording and now whatsapp status will be saved successfully.

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Step 6. Now edit that screen recording and save the relevant part.


In this article, i have shared information about how to download whatsapp status videos on Android/iPhone?

I hope this article “download whatsapp video” will be helpful for you.

Thank you for reading…

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