Best Smart Tv Apps You should install in 2022

Best smart tv app for entertainment.

Nowadays, the television that is being installed in our homes has become very smart. In earlier TV, if we had to watch any movies or shows, then CD or pen drive had to be used.

But today that era is gone. Today smart tv is available among us. It is not only smart by name, but it is also very smart in features and performance.

You can use internet by connecting Smart tv to wifi. And Smart TV runs a lot of apps like chrome, YouTube, google.

If you feel like watching any movies, shows, comedy or anything at this time, you can connect your smart TV to your mobile with the help of wifi.

Today’s article is going to be about smart tv only. If you are fond of entertainment, then in this article I will tell you some such applications, which is very important to install in your smart tv in 2022.

Best Smart Tv Apps You should install in 2022

The apps that I have listed are absolutely free which can be easily downloaded from google play store.

Jio Tv

Jio TV is an online live tv platform. It supports android, iOS and smart tv in all three devices.

If you have a smart tv then this app must be installed in your smart tv.

On this platform we get both premium and free subscription.

If you want to watch premium films or show, then you can take premium service of Jio Tv. Otherwise the free plan is also very good.

Jio Tv App features

● On Jio Tv app, you get to see more than 12 catagory channels such as sports, news, bussiness news, entertainment, jio darsan, kids, life style, movies, etc.

● With the help of this, you get to see all the channels of Jio besides DTH channels such as Jio cricket 1 HD, jio cricket 2 HD, jio cinema action, etc.

● You get 600+ live channel facilities in Jio tv.


Every smart user is aware of this. It is the second largest search engine in the world. This is an app by google itself.

On Youtube, you can lift a lot of things for free. Youtube is a video sharing platform.

YouTube Features

● As I already told you that youtube is a video sharing platform. Here you can watch movies, comedy for absolutely free.

● Apart from Shows, you get to see a lot of TV channels on youtube. Of course free …

● And along with entertainments, you can also study with the help of youtube. A to Z all content will be found on YouTube.

Oreo TV App

Oreo Tv is an OTT platform. This is an Indian application. It is free. You can use this app in mobile, pc, laptop, smart tv, fire tv. Which is very good.

Oreo TV has over 6000 TV channels and over 4000 radio channels. If you like watching new movies, then this app must be installed in your smart tv because in this app you will get more than 200 movies channels.

In this app you will get all the channels of DTH. If you want to know how to downlaod the oreo tv app into your smart tv then you can read our article.

In that article, I have told you in full detail what is oreo tv and how to download oreo tv app?

Oreo Tv Features

● In Oreo tv app you can watch all types of movies in 4k ultra HD quality. On this, you get to see more than 6000 tv channels.

● In it you can see all the catagory shows such as news, sport, lifestyle, movies, etc. Can see

● With its help, you can watch live matches and shows.


The full form of VLC is “Video Lan Client“. VLC is an application that is used all over the world. Let me not tell you that VLC is a video playing application.

It supports all types of video formats of CD, DVD, pendrive.

Like when we do any shows, movies, videos, etc. If you want to play in your smart tv with the help of pendrice, CD, DVD, then with the help of VLC, we can play that video very easily.

VLC supports almost every format of video. It is very important to have a VLC app in your smart tv.

Features of VLC

● If you want to record a part of a movie, then with the help of VLC video player you can record that part of movies, show.

● With its help, you can play any type or format of video. And with this, you can also change the format of any video.

● VLC application has features of webcam which are very good.


Spotify must have heard the name, if you have not listened, then it is a matter of fact Spotify is a music streaming app. If you are fond of listening to this song then this app will be best for you.

On Spotify you will find album of songs from all over dunia. Now you can listen to your favorite song.
This app is both free and paid. If you take a premium version, then you will get a very good quality of the song. If you want to listen in free, it does not matter, you can also listen in free.

It is not that in free you get to hear absolutely poor quality. The sound quality of the free version song is also very good.

Features Of Spotify

● In this, you get to see the sound quality of a very good song.

● There is also a search option with the help of which you can search and listen to your favorite songs.

● If you want to listen to songs that you have not heard in history, then the app can choose private listening option. So that the songs you have played will not appear in history.

What did you learn today?

In this article I have shared with you 5 such smart tv applications which must be installed in your smart tv in 2022.

Out of this my favorite app is youtube and spotify. Which of these is your favorite app, let us know by commenting.

If you have any confusion related to this article, then please comment with us. We will try our best to help you.

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