Top 3 Best file sharing app for PC in 2022

Computer has been a very important part of our life. We keep on using their devices from morning to evening. One of them is file sharing app, which is used by everyone.

Previously, if we had to share a file from one device to another, then we used to do it through wire, but the way technology is growing, in the same way we are becoming very smart.

At this time we can also share our files, documents with the help of wireless technology. Almost all people know how to share a file mobile to mobile.

Top 3 Best file sharing app for PC in 2021

But many people do not know how to share file mobile to PC/Laptop.

So in today’s article, I am going to tell you that the best file sharing app for PC/Laptop.

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1. AirDroid File Sharing App

AirDroid is a mobile application, with the help of this you can remotely control your mobile from computer. The way you store your data in google drive and you can access us data by login from your pc. The Airdroid app also works in the same way.

AirDroid App works like a web server where you have to create an account of your own, after which you can access all the data of your mobile from your computer from anywhere.

Here you can not only access but use all those data. If you want to send any file from mobile to your pc or laptop, first of all you download the Airdroid app in your pc and create an account.

And then open any browser in your pc, visit website and login with the same id that you have created in your mobile.

And then you can access all the data of your mobile.

2. SuperBeam App

SuperBeam is a very old app. Which is very popular. This app works exactly like shareit. To share a file with this app, you will have to install it in both mobile and pc.

With the help of SuperBeam App, you can transfer the file from your mobile to pc in many ways. Such as: –

With the help of Wifi.
With the help of QR code.
With the help of NFC.

To send the file, install this app in your mobile and pc and turn on wifi on both devices. Then connect both devices with the help of app. After this, select any file you want to share and click on send and send it from your mobile to your PC.

In the SuperBeam app, we get a speed of 70+ Mbps.

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3. Xender App

If you are an android user, then you will know better about the Xender app. So let me tell you that Xender is a file sharing app. With the help of Xender app you can send large files very easily from one device to another.

To share the file with Xender, you need to install this app in both your mobile and PC. After installing, connect Xender app to your PC, after that you can easily share your files from a mobile to PC very easily.

You can transfer large files in a very short time. This is a totally free app. You can also use this Xender app without internet. This app can be easily available from google play store or app store.

Some FAQs

Ques 1- How do I share files on my PC?

Ans- There are many ways with which you can share your files in PC such as:- with the help of bluetooth, ethernet, USB cables, Airdroid, Xender, SuperBeam, etc.

Ques 2- Is files go Available for laptop or PC?

Ans– No, it is available only for smartphones. It is not support in PC.

Ques 3- Can I transfer programs from Windows 7 to Windows 10?

Ans- It is not too easy transfer programs from window 7 to Window 10 but you can can update your window 7 to Window 10.


In this article i have shared Top 3 Best file sharing app for PC in 2022. Which are as AirDroid App, Xender file sharing app, SuperBeam app. These apps are too much popular and easy to use them. It is totally free you can’t need to pay any type of fees.

If you have any doubt about these file sharing app for PC, then you can ask with me by comment section.

Thank You…

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