What is the price of iphone 13 pro max?

Recently Apple has announced the launch of its new iPhone 13 series. It will be available for sale on Apple India Online Store from 17 September at 5:30 pm.

India Apples fan will not have to wait this time because this time Apple has decided to avail its iPhone series 13 in India with the first global sale. That means Indian fans can preorder this phone In the first global sale.

This is the first time that Iphone series in India is going to be launched in the first global sale.

In this article we are going to talk about only iPhone 13 pro max version of the series. We will discuss about other version on another article.

Price of iPhone 13 pro max

This time Apple surprised their fans with the price tag with which they are launching their iPhone 13 pro max.
Apple has kept the price tag constant, putting everyone in surprise.

The price of the iPhone 13 pro max is same as of iPhone 12 pro max. This means that the prices of iPhone 12 pro max is going to be adjusted in the future and it is great new for those fans who are going to buy iPhone 12 pro max to save some money.

Now coming to price at which the Apple has decided to launch their iPhone 13 pro max.

iPhone 13 pro max comes in three RAM and storage variant. This time the base storage of iPhone 13 Pro Max has doubled and now the base version comes with 128GB instead of 64GB and it has been decided by the Apple to launch it with the price tag of ₹ 129900.

Same way the other variants storage has also been doubled but the price tag for this series has been kept same as of iPhone 12 pro max.

The iPhone 13 pro max with 256GB storage will be available to pre-order at the price ₹ 139900 and the remaining 512GB and 1TB version is available at the price of ₹ 159900 and ₹ 179900 respectively.


Now if you are thinking about which one you should you buy the iPhone 12 pro max or the iPhone 13 pro max.

Then in our opinion, getting the iPhone 13 pro max is the win-win situation for the fans as you are getting double storage at the same price with the newer model.

If you are thinking that you will get the iPhone 12 pro max after the launch of Apple iPhone 13 pro max as the prices of the older model will get down, then you should also get yourself informed that iPhone 13 pro max come with the A15 Bionic processor instead of A14 Bionic.

iPhone 13 series comes with the OLED screen and one of the most important feature is ProMotion Display. ProMotion display is same feature that is known as adaptive refresh rate in Android. ProMotion display will let the iPhone 13 pro max change its refresh rate from 120Hz to 60Hz according to the situation.

For gaming the screen refresh rate will be 120Hz and for normal task it will be 60Hz.

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