What is FASTag? | How to recharge FASTag?

What is FASTag? | How does FASTag work? | How to recharge FASTag account? | How to check FASTag balance?

The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has introduced Electronic Toll Connection System (ETCS) or FASTag system on every toll to clear the congestion at toll plazas.

After the introduction of this technology, there is no more crowd on the toll. The first FASTag system was started in India in 2014. And gradually this toll system has been spread all over India.

Today I will give you complete information about FASTag like what is FASTag?, How does FASTag work? How to recharge FASTag?

What is FASTag?

FASTag is an Electric Toll Connection technology. Which has been brought by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI).

Toll tax is levied on all national roads. This tax is collected from every four-wheeler and all vehicles above that. And this tax is charged only for driving on the national highway.

And the place where this tax is taken is known as the toll plaza. And that tax is called toll tax.

Earlier people used to put big lines on the toll plaza to pay toll tax. And so there was a lot of traffic on every toll plaza. And people had to stand in line for several hours just to pay toll tax.

Keeping this in mind, NHAI brought Electronic Toll Connection System (ETCS). Which we also know as FASTag.

FASTag was launched in India in 2014 itself. But this technology was available on only a few toll plazas at that time.

Gradually this technology spread everywhere in India. On February 15, FASTag was made mandatory for all vehicles.

Now it is found engaged in vehicles plying on almost every national highway. At this time people use FASTag technology only to pay tax on toll plazas.

How does FASTag work?

FASTag has Radio Frequency Identification in the form of a chip. And FASTag has to be fitted on the front window of your vehicles.

And the FASTag card is connected to the prepaid account. Just like we recharge in our sim, in the same way, FASTag also has to be recharged.

Whenever our car or any vehicle passes through a toll plaza, the sensor installed on the toll plaza scans the fit FASTag on the front window of the vehicles. And automatically toll tax is done from our FASTag prepaid account.

You have to get recharged in your FASTag prepaid account from time to time. And you have to renew your FASTag card every five years.

How to recharge FASTag?

You can open your FASTag account by visiting any Point of Sale (POS). Now let’s talk about how to recharge FASTag?

It is very easy to recharge in the FASTag account. You get a UPI ID for your FASTag account. In that UPI id, you can do any payment app like PayTM, PhonePe, Google pay app.

Either you can get a recharge done in FASTag by visiting any Point of Sale (POS).

You can also get your FASTag account opened with the help of banks like ICICI, Axis Bank, PNB, PayTM, HDFC.

Benefits Of FASTag

There are many advantages of FASTag. I have discussed below some FASTag benefits. As if

Save Time

Earlier we had to stand in line for hours at the toll plaza to pay toll tax on National Highway. Out traffic was also very high. But after the arrival of FASTag, now we do not even have to stop at the toll plaza. In this way, our time is saved a lot by using FASTag.

Save Petrol And Diesel

When we had to wait in a long line to pay tax on toll plazas, our forts used to consume more fuel. But now it doesn’t.

CashBack Facility

Do you know that we also get cashback on paying toll tax from FASTag? Yes, you heard right. In 2016-17, you used to get 10% cashback of tax by filling toll tax with FASTag. And in 2018-19, 7.5% cashback was available. You are getting 2.5% cashback in 2020-21.

SMS Facility

As soon as the tax is deducted from our FASTag account, the same message comes on our registered mobile number.


Which documents are required while opening a FASTag account?

Vehicles registration number, Vehicle’s Owner Photo, Owner identity documents (Like Aadhar Card, Pan Card, etc.)

When was FASTag started?

FASTag was first launched in 2014. And was first launched at Chennai-Bengaluru Toll Plaza.

What is the minimum recharge for FASTag?

The minimum recharge on FASTag is Rs.100. And you can get a maximum recharge of Rs 1,00,000 in FASTag.

How to buy FASTag?

You can buy FASTag from Point of Sale. Either you can also buy FASTag online for convenience. You can open or buy FASTag account from the bank like Flipkart, Amazon pay, PayTM, HDFC, ICICI.

How long does the validity of FASTag last?

The validity of FASTag is 5 years. You have to get your FASTag account renewed every 5 years.

Who does not need FASTag?

By the way, all people must use FASTag. But some people are exempted from FASTag. Such as judges, politicians, employees of emergency service, etc. Exempted from FASTag.

How to activate FASTag?

You can activate FASTag with the help of the “My FASTag app”.

How to check FASTag balance?

You can check the balance of FASTag with the help of my FASTag app.

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