What is deep and Dark Web?| How does Dark web work?

This question must have come in your mind at some point of time that what is deep or dark web? How does dark web work? Obviously, this question should also come up. Because no common man is aware about the dark web.

We are able to use only 4% of the internet. The remaining 96% of the Internet is covered by the dark web. We can understand the dark web in such a way that all the illegal works are done online only in the dark web.

Even hearing the name of dark web or deep web sounds a little scary. Although the work is also scary. All illegal work is done in dark web only. Even hackers do hacking through the dark web itself.

The dark web is huge. That’s why 96% of internet is covered by dark web. Yes, you heard right, whatever search engine (google, Bing, yahoo, ask) we use, they all use only 4% parts of the internet.

If you want to know in details what is dark web or dark net?, How does dark web work?, And disadvantage of dark web, then read this article completely. Because in this article I have given you complete information about dark web.

Let’s start…

What is dark web or dark net?

Dark web or deep web is also called the dark world of the internet. All the illegal work that is done in the world is done in the dark web only. That’s why the dark web is called the dark world of the internet.

Dark web is a very extended term. It can be about 96 times bigger than normal internet. You may find it a bit difficult to understand this now. But believe me, after reading this article, you will get a good idea about the dark web.

About 96% of the Internet is made up of the dark web, which we also know as the deep web. The public cannot access the dark web.

The dark web has been kept hidden from the public. Not everyone can use the public dark web. Works like a dark web VPN. In the dark web, we can enter with the help of TOR browser.

Let us try to understand it more easily.

Type Of WWW (World Wide Web)

We also know WWW by the name of internet. The full form of WWW is World Wide Web. This web has been categorized three terms.

1. Surface Web
2. Deep Web
3. Dark Web

What is Surface web?

Everyone can use the Surface Web. What we use the internet in our daily life comes only in the surface web.

Only 4% part of Surface web internet is covered. Whatever search engine we use like google, bing, yahoo, ask, they come in surface web only.

Like whatsapp, youtube, google, facebook, telegram, instagram all comes in surface web only.

Surface web is a safe and secure web. We do not have to take anyone’s permission to use this web.

What is Dark Web And Deep web?

Dark web and Deep web are the same term. Illegal works happen in both these webs. Even the deep web comes only inside the dark web.

All of the dark web are illegal. The hacker who hacks our data, hackers hack through the dark web. This is because we cannot track anyone’s details in the dark web.

All the pages in the dark web are not indexed in any search engine. Therefore, no page of the dark web is visible in the search engine. Common man cannot easily enter the dark web.

To enter the dark web, we need a special type of browser. People enter the dark web or deep web net using the Tor browser. We need permissions to view any page of the dark web.

How does dark web work?

The dark web is quite different from the normal web (surface web) and also performs a different function. All illegal work (like drugs, smuggling, human trafficking, prostitution, etc.) takes place in the dark web. Even in the dark web, most of the hacking happens.

The IP address is always changing in the dark or deep web. Therefore it is very difficult to find the details of anyone in the dark net. That’s why hackers use the dark web.

We cannot enter dark web with the help of normal web browser like chrome, firefox, bing. To access the dark web, we need a special type of web browser such as the tor browser. You can enter the dark web with the help of tor browser.

And the url of the page present in the deep web is very different from the normal url. And their domains are also quite unique & different. For example, the domains of the url of all the pages present in the dark net are “onion”. Like asdbashb.onion, sahfjdsakgfadsbv.onion there are some such domains.

How to use dark web or deep web?

To use the dark web, it is very important for you to have a good internet connection. And TOR browser should be installed in your device.

I have told about TOR browser in detail, if you want to read about TOR browser in details, then you can read that article. How to tor browser work?

What is deep and Dark Web?

Before using the dark web, it is very important to have a powerful VPN installed in your device. Do not use the dark web even without forgetting you internet. And never use a free VPN, otherwise you may have to pay.

My only suggestion is that if you do not use the dark web, then it is good. Because dark web is very dangerous. Here hackers are active all the time, who can hack their device as soon as they get a chance.

So if you do not have proper knowledge about dark web then you should not use dark web or deep web.

Let us know “how to enter in dark web“.

Step 1. First you go to the torproject.org website and download the tor browser on your device.

Step 2. Install Tor browser on your device.

Step 3. Now turn on any strong VPN in your device.

Step 4. Open Tor browser. And now you can surf the dark web.

All domains on the dark web have “.onion” at the end. To enter the dark web, you must know the url of any dark web.

Some important things before entering the dark web.

  • Your device must have VPN on.
  • You must have a fast internet connection.
  • Enter the dark web carefully. Because there are thousands of hackers active all the time, you can easily hack your data.
  • If you do not have complete knowledge about dark net, then do not enter deep web.

Advantage of Dark Web

There are also many benefits from the dark web net. I have mentioned some advantages below. As if –

  • You can use deep web from any place in the world.
  • If you want to use the internet by hiding your data, then you can use the dark web.
  • You can hide any information in the dark web. No one can track you in the dark net.
  • In this you can also access the ban website.
  • Any citizen of any country can use deep web.

Disadvantage of Dark Web

As much as the dark web has its advantages, it also has its disadvantages. We have to use the dark net very carefully.

  • Most illegal work happens in the dark or deep web.
  • Before entering the dark web, we need a VPN. If we enter the dark web without the help of VPN, then we can suffer a lot.
  • Thousands of hackers are active in the dark web all the time.
  • If you do not use the dark web with your care, then all your data can be hacked.
  • All the urls of the dark web are quite different from the normal url. If you click on any wrong link then there is more chance of your device being hacked.


In today’s article let us know what is dark web?, how does dark web work?, how to enter in dark web? Along with this, in this article, I have shared a lot more information about dark web with you.

If you want to do dark or deep web surfing, then do it very carefully. And keep VPN active in your device.

I hope that you must have liked this article “What is deep and Dark Web?| How does Dark web work?“. By the way, how did you like this dark web article, do tell us by commenting.

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