Top 5 Best USB Hub For MacBook in 2022

MacBook Pro & MacBook Air is the best laptop on the market. Today’s i’m going to share best USB Hub For MacBook Pro & Air.

If we want to connect our mouse, keyboard, printer, or other equipment to our Macbook laptop, then we can not do it.

Because in a MacBook a limited ports available. So we need to use USB Hub for MacBook.

USB Hub is one the best way to connect multiple devices to laptop at a same time. Basicaly USB hub convert one port to multiple port.

So this article is going to about best USB Hub For Macbook pro & Air.

So let’s start this..

1. Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 HUB For MacBook

Brand – Anker
Operating System – Linus, Mac, Window, Window XP, etc.
Data Transfer – Yes, upto 5gbps
Port – 4 ports
Length Of Wire – 2 Feet

If you are looking for best USB-C hubs for MacBook then you can go with Anker 4-port USB hub.

This usb is transform one usb port into 4 USB ports. This one is great usb hub for MacBook laptop.

And it also provide super fast data. It transferring speed is upto 5gbps.

And in it we got a damage resistant cable, now no matter how many time you bend or twist this cable. This cable ig going to be crazy.

This is one of the best USB hub for MacBook.

2. Plugable USB C Hub Multiport Adapter

Brand – Plugable
Model – USBC-7IN1
Compatible Device – Window, MacBook pro & Air, Chromebook, Linux, Asus, Lenovo, etc.
Charging Support – Yes, available
No. of Ports – 7 Port with HDMI support
Data Transfer speed – Upto 5 Gbps

This USB hub is going to be crazy. Because in this we got multiple port and it also support 4k resolution HDMI port.

This one come with 7-in-one USB C hub. In this get to see 3 USB 3.0 ports, one 1.4k HDMI port, 1 USB c power directory, one microSD slot.

Their HDMI port is great it can drive external stream video upto 4k resolution and multi tasking port.

Their 3.0 USB port can transfer file with the speed of 5gbps. Now you does not wait for data transfer. It will provide you fast data transferring speed.

And you also got a 87W USB C type ports to charging your laptop.

3. Dell DA300 USB-C HUB

Brand – Dell
Model Name – Dell-DA300
Compatible – Window, Mac, Linux, etc.

If you are looking a powerful USB hub for your MacBook or Window then Dell Offer a powerful Dell DA300 USB hub.

If we talk about the number of port available on it then one USB type C, One Display port, One HMDI, 1 USB 3.1, 1 VGA, 1 RJ45 ethernet. In this you got a multi ports.

We get ethernet connectivity in this USN hub that’s a great. But according to its features and build quality it is little bit pricy.

And you didn’t get MicroSD or SD card port. This is not good at this price range. Dell should give these ports.

4. MacBook Pro Hub, Oxlaw USB-C Dual Hub

Brand – Oxlaw
Number Of Ports – 6 Ports
Warranty – 2 Years
Charging Support – Yes, 100W
Data Sharing Speed – Around 5gbps

On the net number in our list come Oxlaw USB-C dual hub. I choose this item because of its high data sharing speed.

We have to see 40gbps data transferring speed. That is too good. And it support upto 100W huge charging.

6 port available on it 2 X USB 3.0 port, 1 X SD card reader, 1 X thunderbolt 3, 1 X HDMI port, Dual USB C Port for MacBook Air & MacBook Pro.

It’s data transferring speed is 5gbps. According to its price, it is a great USB hubs for MacBook Pro & MacBook Air.

5. Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport USB HUB

Brand – Apple
Model Number – MUF822Z/A
Compatible Device – Mac, Camera, projector

This one is last and best USB hub in our list top 5 best USB hub for MacBook. With the help og this USB hub you can mirror your Mac to HDMI connected TV/Display.

Or you can connect Mac to TV, projector via an HDMI cable. This one is also charge your Mac, iPad through Type-C port.

Thunderbolts hub support to 4K stream video. At this price range you get to see 4K stream video.

So this is top 5 best USB Hub for MacBook pro & MacBook Air. I hope this article will help you to find best USB HUB for MacBook.

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