The data analysis is currently required in many fields. I have recognised that the best way to analyse data is through data analytical software’s that helps to bring out appropriate result of findings. The analysis helps to carry out work. The product description has been discussed as it helps in identifying the usage of products. It is also crucial based on it the certain management can be done. The products that are introduced are SPSS, Tableau, Qlik, Power BI, Domo, MS Excel as well as R.

SPSS is a software platform that offers advanced statistical analysis with a library of machines as well as learning algorithms. The flexibility, integration of big data as well as seamless deployment is used with sill levels and outfits projects of al size and complexity with help of its organisation can find out new ways. Tableau is data analysis software that helps to carry out ways based on it their requirements can be carried in better manner. It also helps to understand data and represent data in an advanced way. Qlik trails daily management that helps to manage data end to end and analytic platform helps to build for transforming the entire business. Amplify human brainpower with machine intelligence with faster as well as bolder discoveries. Power BI focuses to present data in graphical ways as it is required to carry out work. It disclaims all warranties as well as to express the data with warranties of merchantability with a particular purpose. Domo is a mobile cloud base operating system that helps in benefiting the components of the business. Data business decisions ideas are required to turn into actions. MS excel turns big data into insights, spreadsheet, calculation as well as represent through graphs, charts, tables that help in forecasting. The collaboration on shared projects as it is requiring making the necessities in an advanced way. R project is for presenting statistical computing data as it is required to carry out work in an advanced way and based in UNIX platform, Window and MascOs.

Below I am discussing about the analytical capabilities of the Data Analytical Packages.


SASS helps in managing big amounts of data. The manipulate date helps countless ways to merge subset and modify data sets often with automated methods and step documents in an advanced way. The high-end analysis helps in predictive analytics and visualization as it is required to make the data in better ways.


Tableau helps in gathering filters as it is required to make the work efficiently as it is needed to develop individual analysts. The team and organization deploy at scale on best in class analytics platforms in better ways. The embedded analytic helps to carry out the work based on it the further requirements can be managed in an advanced way.


Qlik helps to carry out work as it is required to analyze the data as it is required in a better manner. The future of analytics starts is required based on its further requirements for managing the functioning.

Power BI

Power BI is recognized as a leader for focusing on analytics and business intelligence platforms as it is needed. The publication is consisting of an organization as it required in an advanced manner. The repairs and average repair time has been required in dealing with the management in an advanced way. Scale across the organization with built-in governance and security.


DOMO changes data from a current for naked into fuel that helps to drives business. Domo helps to business data help employees in an advanced. Domo helps in decision-makers easily for telling actionable data stories that are required to interact in an advanced way.

MS Excel

MS Excel helps to gather data in presenting it in a better manner.  The easily create forecast with the requirement. Better management can be done through their necessities.

R Project

R project helps in presenting data as it is required to carry out work. R itself is required as it helps in managing the system in an advanced way.

Community Activity

SPSS helps in comparing data whereas the necessities can be derived. Tableau help in presenting data as it is recorded for carrying out the meaning in an advanced way. It is also required for managing such records and the basic requirements can be carried. Qlik helps in presenting data as it is required for presenting in comparative form. The DOMO analytical software helps in presenting data as it is required to present it in better ways. MS Excel presents data in different ways apart from it the basic data has been presented. R project helps to make records as it is needed for managing with efficiency in a better manner. The records have been presented as it helps to carry out records based on it the entire groups and functions have been managed.

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