PubG Lite Lag Fix

1.1 – Introduction

Hey guys In this article I will share with you some tips and tricks about how to Fix PubG lite lags.

After reading this article I will promise to you that your all queries are solved.

I’m also use these tips and tricks.

Now-a-days 60% to 75% of mobile users use Pubg Mobile games. And some people are facing many problems during playing the PubG game.

And one problem is Lagging in all those problems.

So guys in this article I will show some solutions to “how to fix Pubg lite Lagging problems?”

Let’s start….

1.2 – What does mean by PUBG lite Lagging?

Before knowing the solutions to those problems, let’s know some terms that are used in this solution.

When your Pubg lite running slow, it is called Pubg lite Game Lagging.

Generally meaning of Lagging is “Running slow or hanging”

And this the main problems. By this problems you can’t play game properly.

Guy’s I hope you understand the term of Lagging.

1.3 –  Why does PUBG Lite Game lagging?

To play smoothly Pubg lite game, you need to your best processer, large storage, etc.

You will know that Pubg lite game is a high-quality graphic game. Play PubG smoothly on mobile you need 3-4GB ram and a large amount of storage. And the latest processor available on your smartphone.

There are many causes of Pubg lite game Lagging. If your internet connection speed will be slow then this problem happens. And in some cases, this problem happen cause a shortage of storage.

If you want to fix these problems then follow some tips and tricks that are given below.

I promised that these tricks do work. I also try this.

1.4 –  What is GFX Tool?

With the help of the GFX tool, you optimize your Pubg lite game’s graphics, performance, and more…

GFX is a type of tool that help you high graphic of Pubg game convert in low graphics.

And after use GFX PubG lite game become run smoothly in your device.

GFX tool also available on play store and app store.

• Search GFX tool on Google Play store or app store.

• And First app download.

GFX is 100% safe. You can play without any risk of banned.

With the help of the GFX tool, you can reduce the resolution of Pubg lite game graphics.

1.5 –  How to fix Pubg lite lag by GFX Tool?

Follow some given steps to PubG lite lag fix

Step 1. First of all, you open the play store and search the “GFX Tool” to download the first app you will see.

Step 2. After downloading the GFX tool For the Pubg app, open it and allow the app to ask for permission.

Step 3. After the GFX tool is open, you will first see the option of the version. This version is updated from time to time. You have to select the 0.18X (LITE) option. You have to select the (LITE) option.

Step 4. After selecting the 0.18X (LITE) version, you will get to see a lot of options.

 Now you will be know in detail about the given option.

● Resolution: – After selecting GFX Tool 0.18X (LITE), you get the first option Resolution.

 Resolution means in which graphics do you want to play the pubg.

Such as HD, HD +, or FHD, etc. In this option, you have to select 768 × 432 or 960 × 540.

● Graphics: – In this, you will get three options, first is smooth, second is balanced, and third is HD.

You’ve to select the given option that is smooth.

● FPS: – FPS has full Form Frame Per Second. Basically it is to measure frequency. In this, you will get 4 options 30FPS, 40 fps, 60 fps, and 90 fps. You have to select 40 fps.

● Anti-Aliasing: – With the help of this option you can make the texture more smooth. In this option you have to select 4X

● Rendering Quality: – Rendering quality you can choose according to your low or medium. It depends on you.

● Effect Quality:- Select Low option

● Improvement For Effects:- Select Low Option

● Objects LOD Distance:- Select Low Option

● Foliage LOD Distance:- select Low Option

● Graphics API:- keep at default option

● GPU Optimization:-  Select Enable option

● Save Controls:- Select enable option

Step 5. Now you have to click on the accept option. Then click on the run game option.

Step 6. After this, you will be automatically redirected to your pubg lite game.

Step 7. Then after playing for some time you will notice that your pubg lite lag problem is not happening now.

Please let us know how you liked these tricks by commenting.

 Let’s know about other tricks.

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1.6 – Other Tips to Fix Pubg lite Lags

If you follow it with the above tricks, then the performance of pubg lite in your mobile will increase even more.

   ◆ Clear background apps

Most people do not have much storage on their smartphone.

 And some people’s smartphones have less than 3GB of RAM.

So you do not have to use any app in the background while playing pubg lite game.

You remove all apps from recent app.

 This will free your storage to a great extent.

 ◆ Check Internet Connection

 Often when we play the game, sometimes our internet starts running slow.

 Internet Slow also causes pubg lite to lag game. Its solution is that you use a wi-fi connection or use a SIM with a good speed.

 Use the new APN (Access Point Name) in your sim. This increases your internet speed to a great extent.

◆ Clear Caches Of PUBG lite

When we use any apps, then caches are collected in that app. Which consumes our memory more.

 I would recommend you clear the caches of your apps from time to time. This will make your storage free.

How to clear caches of pubg lite apps?

 Step 1. First of all, go to your mobile setting.

Step 2. Then go to app management option.

Step 3. Then click on the App list option after that.

Step 4. Then click on Pubg lite app.

Step 5. Then click on the storage option.

Step 6. After this, you make clear caches. (Remember that don’t clear data of app.)

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1.7- Conclusion

So friends, in this article, the man fully explained how you can fix pubg lite lag.

Time to time you have to clear the caches. The apps being used in the background have to be cleared. If you still have any doubt then ask in the comment.

If you liked this article, then do share it with your friends.

Thank you for reading….

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