How to install chrome and jiopages web browser in MI TV? In 2022

Google chrome is one of the best fast web browser and Jiopages web browser also. This is a very popular web browser. If you also have a smartphone, then you must have used google chrome for browsing.

With the help of this web browser, we can access web pages even in low internet speed. In a way it is a very light web browser. For now, Reliance has just launched its new web browser Jiopages web browser.

In today’s article we will know how to install chrome and jio pages on MI TV?

How install chrome and jio pages on MI TV?

Let us know step-by-step how you can install chrome and jio pages browser on your mi android tv.

How to install chrome web browser on MI TV?

By the way, this google chrome app is already installed in all android tv. But in some smart TVs this app has not to be installed. Let’s know how you can download google chrome to your mi tv.

Step 1. Some applications in Mi TV are not shown on the home page. In such a situation, we will have to install a launcher. You can install sideload launcher in your mi tv.

Step 2. After this install the file manager app in your smart tv. After installing, you enable unknown sources.

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Step 3. Now go to your android tv setting and tap on “Security and restriction”. Then tick the “unknown origin” option.

Step 4. Now download in your USB flash drive. After that by connecting that USB flash drive to your mi tv. Install the Chrome Web browser.

Step 5. After successfully installing chrome web browser will not show on your home screen. That’s why you can access chrome web browser using sideload launcher.

How to install jio pages web browser on MI TV?

The way you installed the chrome browser in your mi tv by following the steps mentioned above. By following the same procedure, you can also install Jiopage browser in your mi tv.

Step 1. The above mentioned step 1,2,3 is the same. You follow those three steps.

Step 2. Connect USB to your mi tv by sending jiopage web browser in your usb.

Step 3. And then install that jiopage webbrowser file in your mi tv. And then with the help of sideload launcher you can access jio page webbrowser in your android mi tv.

Some FAQs

Does Jio store browsing history?

Many people ask the question, Does Jio store browsing history? So the answer is yes. Jio pages web browser store your history. But some people say that jio shares our history with third party app. This is absolutely wrong. Jio does not share any of our personal data, history with any third party app.

Is Jio browser safe?

YES, jio web browser is totally safe and secure. You can use it without taking any type of tension.

Does Google TV have a Web browser?

No, google tv has not pre- install any type of web browser.


Installing chrome and jiopage web browser in Mi tv is very easy. If your mi tv has google play store. So you can also install chrome and jiopage web browser with the help of google play store.

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