How to use filter on Instagram Reels in 2022

With social media evolution, apps like Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook are must-have applications in every smartphone. The entertaining short videos are often watched by millions worldwide.

There was a time when video making required lots of technical skills and editing knowledge. However, today apps like Instagram and YouTube have the option of easy DIY video making and posting.

This new trending section of the digital world has also given rise to a new breed of professionals known as Social media Influencers. From Instagram Reels to YouTube Short or even Tiktok, there is plenty of scope for amateurs to show their creative skills today. It is a simple combination of great imaginative ideas for the Instagram videos and adding a few filters to the Instagram reels.


What is an Instagram Reel Filter?

In simple words, filters are autocorrection applications that help in enhancing the appeal of a normal video or photograph by adding a few changes. Instagram filters are a very popular editing choices used today.

How to use filter on Instagram in 2022?

What is an Instagram Reel Filter?

Instagram filters can be used on videos, posts, and photos alike. While the traditional camera of any smartphone has inbuilt filters, there are a lot more that can be incorporated into Instagram Reels and posts.

As an ultimate guide to Instagram filters, this blog gives a detailed walkthrough on how to utilize filters in the best way possible.

The choice of theme

What is an Instagram Reel Filter?

The first step in choosing filters for clips or posts is to note the general vibe or theme. A vintage setting or backdrop will never gel well with a modern attire or concept. Similarly, bright hues and vibrant backdrop will never work well with somber or serious footage.

The Music

While the natural sound is the best choice to add to the reels, music or lyrics help in making it more interesting and soothing to hear.

The themes and ideas for the filters keep upgrading with the changing trends, seasons, and scenarios around. It is always best to know the purpose of the theme well before adding it to any post or video.

Adding filters on Instagram story

What is an Instagram Reel Filter?

Re-inventing blogging in a new way is what Instagram reel is all about. Users prefer real-time captions and filter effects these days. Stickers, doodles, captions, and emoticons are just a few filters that can change the outlook of a simple reel to a great extent.

Before the recording begins select the option Effects on the left-hand side of the Instagram Application. From color saturation to background, captions, and even beauty enhancers, there are numerous smaller special effects one can scroll and add based on the desired idea.

Once the effects are selected, it is time to choose the right background score to compliment the Reel video well. While trending and viral scores are most often used sound filters, one can opt to choose other interesting scores too.

Once done with the editing, the video can be saved in the gallery as well as posted online. These effects need to be manually done every time a video is shot.

An important point to remember is the introduction. Adding the right caption and hashtags before the video is live is very important to reach out to the right crowd. Remember, a caption will always draw attention while a hashtag will increase visibility.

How to add an Instagram story filter to an existing video?

Optimizing a 15 second Instagram reel for better visibility requires creativity and skill. While content is a key role player, sometimes older videos can also be used to create interesting posts. Adding filters to existing videos is far more easier than shooting new videos.

External applications like Befunky, Camera Filter by Lomography, Vita, etc are great choices to edit pre-existing videos and add interesting features to them. Adding augmented reality as a Reel effect is one of the most trending go-to choices currently.

How to add more filters to an Instagram post?

What is an Instagram Reel Filter?

While videos and posts are easily shot and edited via Instagram, sometimes additional filters can make the videos more special.

Step 1. Once the Instagram application is open, swipe right on the camera section and choose Reels camera effect.

Step 2. Swipe further to choose the desired effect and check the virtual sample as to how the effect will look on the video.

Step 3. After finalizing the effect, click the record option.

Step 4. Adobe Lightroom, VSCO is a few highly recommended external applications to add extra filters to the Instagram reels.

Step 5. Always opt for shooting high-resolution videos to prevent blurring.

Tips to choose the best Instagram reels effects

  • It is always best to keep the most used filter on the top of the menu. Anything that is hardly ever used should either be deleted or kept at the bottom of the list. This keeps the selection option organized and helps in making quicker choices without mistakes.
  • Always go with the trends but choose Instagram reel filters that are unique and quite noticeable. This garners better attention and increases the view count drastically.
  • Use saturation and brightness editing options before and after adding filters to correct or enhance the quality further.
  • Never use the intensity option in the editing tool to its full capacity. This can cause distortion in the image or reel quality.
  • For a better and more professional outlook, add borders and Font Overlays. This is one of the best-known external applications one can use for this purpose.
  • Always add a color border to ensure the video is not abruptly cropped to maintain the specific time frame.
  • Shooting short clips for Instagram in brad daylight or places with ample natural lighting, gives a better overall look to the video.

Since the video duration of any Instagram reel is very short, it is best to choose content that is appealing aesthetically, visually, and conceptually as well. Adding filters to Instagram reels definitely garners the attention of viewers and improves the visibility of a video. However, what matters is telling the Instagram reel stories in a new and fresh perspective, so as to draw more viewers and followers.

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