How to Take Screenshot on Mi TV

How to take screenshots on TV or any other Android TV too. If you use any of these Mi TV’s such as Mi TV 4C Pro 32 inch, Mi TV 4A 43 inch, Mi TV 4A 32 inch, Mi TV 4A Pro 32 inch, Mi TV 4A Pro 43 inch, Mi TV 4X 43 inch, Mi TV 4X 65 inch, Mi TV 4X Pro 55 inch, Mi TV 4 55 Or you are using Android TV of some other brand, then you have to go to your TV’s Play Store. And install the button mapper app on your TV. If the button mapper app is not found on the Play Store, download the Button Mapper APK on Google. After that copy the APK file to Pendrive, then after insert Pendrive in the TV, select Install via USB Option After this, install the button mapper APK on the TV. Once the app is installed, open the Button Mapper app 

Now you will see 3 options MORE INFO CANCEL OK. Now you have to select the OK option. After this you will reach TV settings Now you have to go to Device Preferences > Accessibility > Button Mapper > Enable > Ok > Home Screen > Customize > turn on > Long Press > Select Screenshot. Now the screenshot option has been added to the home key of your remote control. 

Now you can exit the settings, the screenshot feature has become active in the TV. Now your TV is ready to take a screenshot. Long press the home key to take a screenshot. If you want to change the Home key of the remote for a screenshot, then you have to go to the TV settings. Go to Device Preferences > Accessibility > Button Mapper > Open > Add Your Favorite Key and select Screenshot option

See Screenshot image – The screenshot image is saved to your TV’s internal memory. To see the screenshot image, you also have to install the file manager app on your TV. The file manager app is available on the TV’s Play Store, you can install the file manager app that you find right on your TV. To view the screenshot image, open the file manager app and select the internal memory, then open the folder named Picture, you will see the screenshot taken by you. 

Copy the screenshot image to Pendrive – Select the screenshot image which is to be copied to the Pendrive, after selecting the image, select more options, then insert the Pendrive into the TV. Then click on the copy to option and select external storage, after which the folders of your Pendrive will be visible. Now open the folder in which you want to copy the screenshot image and click on the option to paste your screenshot image Successfully will be copied in the Pendrive.

Screenshot is very important if you are having any type of problem on your TV and you are not able to properly explain the problem, then you can send a screenshot to your client or service engineer.

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