How to shoot a slow-motion video on iPhone in 2022

We are living in a world where digital media is a very vital inclusion in our lives. The online world is a vast open sea with many things happening parallelly. Social media presence is a necessity where photographs and videos are an integral part of.

While photography using a smartphone is easy to handle, there is a slight bit of technical knowledge one may need when it comes to the perfect video shot. Time-lapse videos and Slow-motion videos are currently two of the best video effects that most are interested in doing.

Iphones are known for their awesome camera quality. Capturing the perfect slow-mo video using an iPhone is a dream come true for most. However, flair and creativity are a must-have to create a perfect click-worthy slow-motion video.

Understanding slow-motion videography

A slow-motion video is not a recording of a person walking at a very slow pace. The effect of slow motion in a video is recreated using a slower frame rate reconstruction technique that is inbuilt into the technical aspects of the iPhone camera.

In fact, slow-motion video making has been an add-on feature of every iPhone since the iPhone series 5 was released on the market. Video makers need to learn a few basic steps to create a good quality slow-motion video, especially if it is for the purpose of posting on platforms like Youtube and Instagram reel.

What is the speed of the slow-motion videos shot on iPhone?

The general playback speed of any video shot with an iPhone is 60 frames per second. However, when slow-motion videos are shot, the effect requires a higher frame rate. This is also the reason why slow-motion videos require more storage space than normal videos.

On average, a slow motion shot requires 120 frames per second. However with the recent integration of the A11 Bionic chipset, one can shoot slow motion videos at a frame speed as high as 240 frames per second which is equivalent to almost one-fourth of the normal videos.

While the iPhone 5 series has capacity to record 720 pixel videos at the rate of 720 frames per second, the later upgraded versions are much more powerful. The iPhone 6 and 7 series has the capacity to shoot 720-pixel videos at the rate of 240 frames per second while the iPhone 8 and X can capture high definition 1080p videos at the rate of 240 FPS.

How to shoot a slow-motion video on iPhone?

How to shoot a slow-motion video on iPhone in 2021

Step 1. Adjusting the slow-motion setting on the iPhone.

Step 2. Go to the setting page and look for the camera option.

Step 3. Select the sub-category slo-mo and change the FPS setting to the highest possible quality as per your iPhone model. The higher the frame rate, the better the video quality.

Step 4. Operating the iPhone camera application. And Once you open the pre-installed camera app, go to the option heading “shooting mode”.

Step 5. Opt for slo-mo. In case you have a newer generation of iPhone, slow-motion video recording is only possible with the rear camera setup.

The center red virtual button on the display or the volume keys on the side panel of the iPhone can be used to begin and end the video recording easily. And Saving the video.

Step 6. Once the stop option is pressed, the video is automatically saved in the library of the phone storage as well as the cloud storage.

The video can be edited further by using special external applications that are available for download in the app store.

Ideas for shooting great slow-motion videos using an iPhone

Though the camera setup of an iPhone has a very user-friendly and straightforward application for shooting videos, small tips and tricks can actually give better renditions to the videos.

  • For better viewing, it is always best to angle the phone in the direction of the movement.
    For eg – if the person is trying to recreate a slow-motion Michael Jackson dance move, it is best to shoot the video at an angle from the side, rather than ahead.

Or while shooting a video of a skateboard routine, it is best to place the camera lens as close to the ground as viable to get a better transition effect.

  • Keep in mind the sound effect while creating a slow motion video
    If the frame is slowed, it is by default going to affect the sound quality as well. Distortion of the audio can create an overall negative impact.

For a better visual impact, the playback audio can be added later on if the video is shot in mute mode.

  • Always opt to shoot in an environment with sufficient lighting. Lighting plays a very crucial role to give better clarity to any video. Video editors cannot make much difference if the lighting in a video is insufficient or dim. Regardless of the camera quality or the night vision mode of an iPhone, additional brighter light adds a better viewing experience.

Editing slow-motion videos shot in an iPhone

Often videos may require slight editing for better footage. Youtube and Instagram also have guidelines for specific time limits. So the recording may need cropping or trimming or even adding filters.

While Google Play store has numerous IOS applications catering to specific niches like these, the iPhone has prebuilt software integrations that allow a minimal range of self-editing. In fact, slow motion videos can be reverted back to their original state too, provided it is shot using an iPhone.

Steps involved in editing a slow-motion video are

  • Choose the video from Photo Gallery.
  • Select the edit option.
  • On the bottom left, frame by frame shots are shown.
  • The slider of each section makes it easier to time mark the segments in a better way for creating the final footages.
  • Choose to crop or trim sections according to the desired footage.
  • The same frame-by-frame reference point can be used to reverse slow motion videos into a normal video too.
  • Once all the details are finalized, you can tap the ‘Done’ option to autosave the video in the phone gallery.

Third-party IOS applications like SLOPRO and Slow Motion Video camera extreme can help in changing fast motion or slow-motion videos into their normal state or vice versa.

Slow-motion videos are fun to watch and shoot as well. However, the perfect footage for a slow motion video requires one to understand a few basic concepts. With the excellent camera capabilities of the iPhones, shooting slow motion videos is now one of the most trending concepts.

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