How to send money using UPI without internet in 2022?

Do you want to know how to send money using UPI without internet in simple steps, then completely read this article.

Now you can transfer money from one bank account to another bank account with UPI even without the internet. The full form of UPI is the Unified Payment Interface.

UPI is a very good way to transfer money. Winning is also an e-wallet payment platform, they provide us UPI.

With the help of that UPI, we can only transfer money. We get a unique UPI id on e-wallet platforms such as PayTM, Google Pay, PhonePe, BHIM online payment applications.

Well, we need internet to transfer money from UPI but NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India) has provided a service by the name of USSD 2.0.

By using this service, we can transfer money from UPI even without internet. To use this service, you have to dial *99# in your dialer pad.

Right now this USSD 2.0 service is applicable to only a few banks. As per the report received from NPCI, USSD 2.0 service is currently applicable on some 41 prominent banks. And it supports some 12 languages.

NPCI has said that soon more banks will be added to this service. Well, these features are amazing.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about “how to send money using UPI without internet in 2022″

Let’s start this…

How to send money using UPI without internet?

You can use this service only if the bank supports this USSD 2.0 service. And it is very important to have a registered mobile number with your bank account.

Step 1. Dial *99# on dialer pad

First of all, open the dialer pad of your mobile. And dial *99# from the registered number.

Step 2. Now select your bank

Now the list of banks will come in front of you. You choose your bank. By selecting the More option, you can open the list of other banks. If your bank name is not on that list then you cannot take advantage of this service.

Step 3. Enter the last 6 digit number of your bank debit card

Now, whatever debit card you have provided by the bank. After typing the number of the last 6 digits of that card, click on submit.

Step 4. Enter another card details

After this, you will be asked for other details of your card like the card expiry date. You fill all there correctly.

Step 5. Enter your UPI pin

After this, enter whatever password you have set in your UPI. After that confirm the UPI password.

Step 6. Select Send money and then choose the UPI id option

As you enter your UPI pin, a menu will open in front of you. Here you will see many options show. You enter the digit in front of the send money option. And then you choose the option with UPI id.

Step 7. Enter Amount and UPI id

Enter the amount you want to send. After this, enter the UPI id in which you want to send a money transfer. After that send the payment.

As soon as you transfer the money you will get a confirmation message.


The name of this service is USSD 2.0. NPCI has introduced this service. Right now 41 prominent banks and 12 languages ​​have been added to this service.

More banks will be added in the coming time. If your bank name is not found in the list then you cannot use this service.

And while using this service send money using UPI without internet, follow the steps mentioned in the article from the mobile number registered in your bank account only.

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