How to open e-aadhar card pdf file password in 2022

Friends, In today’s article, I will talk about how to open e-aadhar card pdf file password? Often, people download their E aadhar online, then an automatic password is included in the e-aadhar PDF.

And this password can be opened by people who will have the same aadhar card or know the details of that aadhar.

UIDAI provides this password feature. This, in a way, makes your aadhar safe and secure. This allows a non-person to not open the pdf file of your e-aadhar.

Let us first know what this e-aadhar card is. After all, the aadhar card pdf file password?

Let’s shart…

What Is E-Aadhar Card?

E-Aadhar Card is a soft copy of the original aadhar card. By Chance, if you lose your original aadhar card, if you know the number, virtual id, or enrolment id of your aadhar card, then you can download your E-Aadhar card easily.

How to open e-aadhar card pdf file password in 2021

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How to download E-Aadhar Card Online?

Step 1. Search UIDAI in your browser and click on the first website.

Step 2. Click on the “E-aadhar card download” option.

Step 3. After this, fill aadhar number or enrollment id or then virtual id and fill the captcha. Then click on send OTP.

Step 4. After this, an OTP will come on your registered number. Fill OTP and click on “Submit and Verify”.

What is the password to open an e-aadhar PDF?

E-Aadhar PDF is protected by password because it makes your e-aadhar safe.

The password of the Aadhar PDF is eight digits. Its password is the first four letters of your name and the year of your birth.

Example 1. Like your name is Sohan Singh. Your date of birth is 17 July 2000. So your password will be SOHA2000.

Example 2. Name – Sushma Devi
Date Of Birth – 01 January 1985
So the password of your E-Aadhar PDF will be SUSH1985.

Example 3. Name – Dipnarayan Dev
Date Of Birth – 28 June 1995
So the password of your E-Aadhar PDF will be DIPN1995.


Can I give my Aadhar number to anyone?

No, it’s not safe. Anyone can find all details through your aadhar number.

Can I withdraw money by Aadhar card?

Yes, if your aadhar card is linked with your bank account.

What is an e-aadhar card password?

First four digits of your name and date of birth year. Example – SHYA1982.

How does the e-aadhar card look?

The E-aadhar card looks exactly like an original aadhar card. You can also call it a soft copy of the aadhar card.

Is an e-aadhar card valid?

Yes, you can use an e-aadhar card everywhere. You can do this with any of your documents.


In this article, I have shared with you how to open an e-aadhar pdf? I have explained it in detail. Let’s summarize it: your e-aadhar card’s password is the first four letters of your name and birth year, for example, NAME19XX.

I hope your doubt will be cleared. If you have any doubt regarding this, how to open an e-aadhar card pdf file password? Then ask with me by comment section.

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