How to increase processor speed in android without root?

Does your Android smartphone run slow even with a good processor, RAM, and storage? Actually, after some time of running very fast, due to unused files, folders, and cache data, the speed of most smartphones slows down. 

So you don’t have to worry. Here we tell you such ways by which you can increase the speed of your smartphone once again.

Why does android processing slow down? 

Different people have different arguments for this. Although you must have often heard people saying that the processing of a smartphone becomes slow due to less RAM, lack of RAM is not always the reason for the slow process of the smartphone. There are many reasons why the phone hangs, or its processing becomes slow.

What is the reason for the phone being slow? 

There are many reasons due to which the phone can become slow. For example, if you continually keep the data connection in your phone on a low network, then there is a lot of load on the smartphone’s processor, due to which the processor of the phone has to work more. 

And for this reason, there is also a possibility of slowing down the speed of your phone. Apart from this, even if you open many apps on the phone simultaneously, then the speed of your phone slows down.

Here are some tips and tricks that will sometimes allow the phone’s processing to slow down:-

1- Download Latest Software:

One of the reasons for the slow running of the phone can also be that your phone’s software is not updated. So, first of all, check if any new Android update has come. 

If yes, then download and install it immediately. Then now go to About phone, and update it. 

2- Change animation settings:

You can change the animation settings to keep the processing of your phone right. For this, you have to turn on the developer option, for which you have to first go to the settings of your phone, then click on about phone, now you have to go to software information and tap on the build number, after that you will see a developer option. 

You will see all the points set 1 time here, and you can turn it off entirely or make changes accordingly. Set its value to 0.5 times. 

3- Disable Widgets:

Are you also one of those people who fill your phone with widgets? If yes, then disable them now, because this is also a big reason due to which the speed of your phone slows down. 

In such a situation, if you keep it disabled, then you can avoid the problem of slow processing of your phone.

4- Uninstall pre-installed apps:

You must have noticed that when you take a new phone, some android apps are already installed in it. 

This app is also one of the reasons due to which the processing speed of the phone decreases, then if you do not use these applications, By doing this uninstall, you can avoid the slow speed of the phone.

5- Remove Live Wallpaper:

Many people keep live wallpapers on their phones. If you are also one of those people, then you remove the live wallpaper because due to this, your phone’s processing becomes slow. 

Due to live wallpaper, the phone’s processor has to work more. Due to which the battery of the phone drains quickly, and the processor also becomes slow, so I should avoid using live wallpaper.

6- Don’t forget to delete the App Cache:

Has it ever happened to you that you are using an app, and it has suddenly stopped or hung on the go? The reason for this is the app catches whenever you use the app itself. 

A cache file is created in the background, which versus the speed of your phone, in such a way, to maintain the speed of your phone, you have to keep deleting the regular app cache daily, by doing this the memory of your phone will also be free and Your phone speed will also remain fine.

7- Factory reset also required:

If your smartphone is running very slow, then it is imperative for you to set it to the factory. However, you have to keep in mind that when you do a factory reset of data on your phone, then you should back up your phone data backup reset. To reset factory data, you will have to go to the setting, then after that, an option of backup and reset will appear. 

Click on it. After that, you will see the possibility of factory data reset. Now you have to click on it and click on Eraser data, after that you will see a popup screen, follow it, as soon as it is completed, your phone will run very fast as before, also keep in mind that the phone’s battery is full. Charge only then use factory reset. 


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