How to increase internet speed in 2022?

Hey what’s up guys today’s I’m going to tell you how can you increase internet speed. The problem of every smartphone user is more that they are very worried about their internet speed.

In today’s time internet has become a basic need of everyone. Without the help of internet, we do not do any work easily. By the way, there is 5G internet coming at this time in India. But still in some places the internet runs worse than 2G internet. By the way, there is 4G internet to say but the speed is very slow.

There can be many reasons for low internet speed. One reason can also be that the telecom company whose sim you are using. His network will not be in your area. And another reason can be that due to some setting in your smartphone the internet speed decreases.

So in today’s article I will tell you how you can increase internet speed with the help of some setting. Yes, you heard it right, if you turn on the settings mentioned in this article, then definitely your internet speed will increase.

After reading this article completely, you can get rid of your boring slow internet speed.

So let’s start today’s article “how to increase internet speed” without wasting time.

How to increase internet speed?

I follow these tips myself. And I get 30 MB/s speed from normal 4G. Internet runs very fast in my mobile. I have added screenshot below. You can check.

How to increase internet speed in

Close Background App

Often people leave the app in their mobile after minimizing it. Which those apps keep running in the background on your smartphone. Such as Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, web browsers. etc. If these apps will run in the background, then it is obvious that the internet will be used.

If we use 5-6 applications together then all the apps will have equal internet usage. This slows down your internet speed.

So now if you use any of the apps, then delete all the apps by clicking on the recent button of your mobile.

And the apps you are not using, long press on that app app and then click on app inform option. Now you will get the option of a force stop, click on it.

Delete Unwanted Application

Delete all the unnecessary apps installed in your smartphone. By installing Unwanted application, you have many disadvantages like battery drainage problem, storage full and internet speed problem.

That’s why you delete all those apps, which you do not use at all. When we take a new smartphone, there are many pre-installed apps in it. You delete all the unwanted applications.

Update Apps And Web browser

Sometimes there is a difference in your internet speed due to some bugs or errors in the web browser or app itself. In such a situation, she solves her error by updating the application.

So keep all the web browsers updated in your mobile. By updating all web browsers, you can expect a good internet.

Don’t Use VPN

We know Virtual Private Network as VPN. VPN converts an unsafe network into a secure network. And it also helps to hide our real location.

Meaning that you can connect to proxy of any location with the help of VPN.

Using VPN slows down our internet speed. So if you want high internet speed then it is good if you do not use VPN.

Use Ad-Blocker

Often you must have seen that whenever you visit any website, there are many advertisement shows in the format of image and video. Advertisement is a JavaScript file that requires fast internet to load.

Due to more ads, the internet speed of our mobile becomes slow. So if you do more browsing then use ad-blocker.

Ad-blocker blocks all the ads, due to which when we search any data, it gets loaded fast.

Access Point Name

Access Point Name which is also known as APN Different APN setting of telecom company (such as Jio, Airtel, VI, BSNL).

Internet speed also slows down due to change in APN setting. That’s why you should always leave the APN as the default.

To go to APN setting, go to the setting of your mobile > then click on sim data or network option > select more sim > after that you will get the setting of APN.

Edit the APN, there you will get a reset option. Click on it to reset your APN.

Select Preferred Network as 4G or LTE

If the network in your smartphone is set to 2G or 3G, then the internet speed becomes slow. Therefore, you should always set the preferred network to 4G or LTE.

For this you open the setting app > click on SIM card & mobile data or network > and then select SIM > Click on preferred network type > chose 4G or LTE.

In some mobiles 4G/3G/2G (Auto) option is given. If this option is given in your mobile then select it.

Manage RAM and Internal Memory

If the storage is full in our smartphone, then it starts hanging our mobile. Which has a direct effect on internet speed.

That’s why you kept clearing the RAM and internal storage of your device from time to time. And also clear the cache of your mobile apps. Because using the internet, the cache gets stored in the data of the apps.

You should keep at least 35%-40% storage free in your smartphone.


In this article, I have shared 8 such tips and tricks with you. With the help of which you can easily increase your internet speed.

I personally follow all the tips I have told in this article. You will definitely tell us by commenting whether there has been some improvement in your internet speed after following these tips.

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