How to Increase BSNL Internet Speed in 2022

The Bharat Sanchar Nagar Limited is among the oldest and biggest telecom network and services of India. The BSNL telecom services was started in the year 2000. Under the governance of the Indian government, the BSNL telecom services has generated a revenue of more than US$2.5 billion I.e., more than INR 18,500 crores. Like any other network provider, even he BSNL sometimes fails to serve you with the best internet connectivity speed, but what if we tell you this time the problem is not in the BSNL company backend but is in your phone? Yes, many at times, the reason for poor internet connectivity might be fixed from your own smartphone. To know the how of this process, do read the blog till the end.  

Below mentioned are the information you need to know everything about the APN and GPRS setting of the BSNL networks.

Fixing your BSNL internet connectivity through APN network:

The Access Point Network aKa APN network, acts as a carrier service between a GSM, GPRS, 3G, and 4G mobile network. But what many users don’t know is sometimes the automatic disruption in this carrier network provider I.e., APN might lead to low or no internet connectivity on your phone. But with us having your back you have got nothing to worry about, following are a detailed step by step guide to help you fix internet connectivity issue. 

Before starting with the APN and GPRS based methods of improving the internet connectivity, lets discuss the benefits of these methods.

  1. It allows you to transfer data instantly with a stable internet connection.
  2. The BSNL GPRS benefits its user through high-speed data transfer rate, providing with an increase in the BSNL internet speed.
  3. These settings helps the user to access internet services with convenience even when they are in rough, terrain and hard regions.

Fixing the APN connectivity issue on android-

Follow the below mentioned steps to help you in fixing 3G/4G internet connectivity of your android phone through your settings.

  1. Launch the setting app from your phone.
  2. Now, tap on the mobile networks.
  3. Under the mobile networks option, click the ‘Access Point Name’ option.
  4. Now you will be directed to a list of various options.
  5. Here you need to see and configure the BSNL APN settings, and then click ‘save’.
  6. Now restart your phone to let the system apply the recently made APN settings.
BSNL APN Settings for AndroidConfiguration for Faster 3G/4G Network
Proxy  No change required
Username  No change required
PasswordNo change required
ServerNot set
MMSCNo changes required
MMS ProxyNo changes required
MMS Port80
MNCDepends on the Telecom circle 
APN ProtocolIPV4/IPV6
APN typeDefault

Make sure that the BSNL APN option has the same configurations as the one mentioned in the above table.

Fixing the APN Connectivity issue on iPhone-

The above-mentioned steps were to help the android users easily navigate and configure the required settings and options to fix the APN settings, so that they can increase the BSNL Internet speed. But well, if you are an iphone user, we have easy tips for you too that will help you to increase the BSNL internet speed in iPhone. So follow the below mentioned steps and table guide to fix your 3G/4G connection in an iPhone.

  1. Launch the setting app from your phone.
  2. Now, tap on the mobile networks.
  3. Under the mobile networks option, click the ‘Access Point Name’ option.
  4. Now you will be directed to a list of various options.
  5. Here you need to see and configure the BSNL APN settings, and then click ‘save’.
  6. Now, make the configuration changes as mentioned in the below table.
BSNL APN Settings for iPhoneConfiguration for Faster 3G/4G Network
UsernameNo Changes required
PasswordsNo Changes required

Increasing the BSNL Internet Speed without the APN setting method-

Apart from configuring the APN settings of your phone, there are various other methods through which you can increase your BSNL internet connectivity. 

Improving the BSNL internet speed connectivity through GPRS:

If going through all the way of your APN settings and then changing each of the listed option one by one, another alternative to this method is to fix the BSNL internet speed through GPRS settings through the ease of an SMS, and here is how. 

  1. Open the messages application from your phone.
  2. Type <GPRS> 
  3. And now send it to 53733.
  4. Soon after sending this message to the required number, you will then receive another automated message from the same.
  5. Open the received message, and save the settings according to it.

Another alternative to the mentioned step is to call the BSNL Customer care number 1800-345-1504 and then seek their assistance regarding all your queries.

Increasing the connectivity through Internet booster:

The numerous numbers of Internet booster applications help the user to diagnose and fix the internet speed problems through the Internet boosters available online. Below mentioned are the steps to increase the internet speed connectivity through the internet booster provider and services.

  1. Go to the play store/app store option on your phone.
  2. Now search ‘net optimizer’ from the store.
  3. And click install.
  4. Now allow the required permissions to the net optimizer app.
  5. It will then help you diagnose the network speed of your service provider.
  6. After viewing the statistics of the network provider, you can consider fixing the speed connectivity issues with the same.


And with these steps we have reached the end of this blog, to sum it all up, we can say that although the speed connectivity depends on the network provider, its service in your region, and the data package you have opted for, but you can still enhance the connectivity speed to some extent. And in this article, we have shared all the required steps that you need to know to fix your connection speed through the APN and GPRS method.

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