How to Get Free Diamonds on Free Fire Game in 2022?

Garena Free Fire is a third-person intervention fighting game that can only be actually played online.

A battle royal round involves up to 50 players parachuting onto an island in search of weapons and equipment with which to murder the other players. Players can pick their starting position and bring weapons and supplies to help them last longer in combat. Garena Free Fire is a battle royal game for iOS and Android developed by 111dots Studio and developed by Garena. It was the most popular smart phone game in the world in 2019. In 2019, the Google Play Store recognized the game “Best Popular Vote Game.”Free Fire had over 80 million daily active users globally as of May 2020. The worldwide gross for Free Fire had topped $1 billion as of November 2019.

On September 28, 2021, Free Fire Max, a visually improved version of Free Fire, was published internationally. Exclusive products like skins, outfit bundles, and other goodies are highly sought after by Free Fire players. Unfortunately, all such items must be purchased with diamonds. When a participant joins a game, he or she is in a plane flying over an island. While the plane is flying over the island, players may leap wherever they wish, allowing them to land in a strategic location away from opponents. After landing, the players must search for weapons and utility items. Medical supplies, medium and large guns, grenades, and other items may be discovered all across the island. The participants’ ultimate goal is to survive on the island with a maximum of 50 individuals online. This demands that the players eliminate all opponents they encounter along the way and ensure that they are the only survivor left.

This is a challenge for many gamers because not everyone can afford to spend real money on a game. As a consequence, people are forced to look into alternative ways in order to obtain free awards or diamonds in Garena Free Fire.

How to Get Free Diamonds on Free Fire Game?

Get Free Diamonds On Free Fire

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) WebPages

GPT (earn-paid-to) websites rank first in our list of ways to get free diamonds. For gamers, the initial stage is to complete offers such as quizzes, after which they will be able to withdraw their profits. Swagbucks and YSense are two websites that may be used. Please keep in mind that payment possibilities differ based on the nation of origin of the player.

Customized Rooms

Custom rooms are hosted on Instagram profiles and YouTube channels on a regular basis. Participating in and winning those gives players a variety of free awards, which may include diamonds. As a result, if fans desire this cash in Free Fire, they need to participate in the Custom Rooms.


BOOYAH, an app produced by Garena, offers a range of activities with varied incentives. As a result, participating in all such activities provides gamers with the opportunity to earn rewards such as diamonds. One thing to keep in mind is that gamers must connect their Free Fire account to Booyah.

GPT (Get-paid-to) App

There are several GPT (Get-paid-to) apps available on the internet, and their functionality is quite similar to that of websites. Similarly, they must complete offers and duties in order to be adequately compensated. The accumulated earnings can be paid out at a later date. Mist Play, Poll Pay, and Easy Rewards are a few examples of applications.

Google Play Credits

In order to earn Google Play Credits, gamers must complete short surveys in Google’s survey-based app, Opinion Rewards. Individuals who have earned a particular amount of credit can spend it to purchase diamonds in Free Fire. Otherwise, users can wait for extraordinary airdrops to maximize their credits by receiving more diamonds.

Why are diamonds important in free fire?

Diamonds are premium in-game cash in Free Fire. Free diamonds on free fire may be purchased from free fire shops and other third-party top-up websites by players. Players may improve the appearance of their characters by using diamonds. Using diamonds, one may purchase guns, skins, clothing, and premium free-fire items such as characters with special abilities, pets with life-saving abilities, and so on. Diamonds can assist gamers in unlocking all elite pass prizes. Free diamonds on free fire are now in high demand among free-fire gamers. They won’t be able to play the game like pros until they have diamonds.

Using a diamond generator, you may obtain a free diamond.

There are various ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire, but most of them are risky, and if you use them, Free Fire may ban your account. That is why it is critical to employ a secure way to obtain free diamonds in free fire. Below, I’ve included the greatest and most effective techniques for obtaining free diamonds that are both safe and simple to use. If you employed these tactics correctly, they would assist you in obtaining free diamonds.

You should utilize tools like a free fire diamond generator if you want to earn 1000 diamonds fast. It’s difficult to tell which diamond generator is genuine since there are so many fake diamond generators on the internet. Therefore, I made it simple for you to identify genuine diamond generators.

  • First and foremost, launch the diamond generating tool by clicking here.
  • On that screen, scroll to the bottom to the “Enter free fire id” option.
  • Start the free fire gameplay and copy your free fire ID.
  • Then, copy and paste it into the free fire ID form.
  • Now, press the “Generate free diamonds” button to get 1000 free diamonds.


Nowadays, every free-fire player wants free diamonds, and diamonds are required. In this post, we described the working method for obtaining free diamonds in Free Fire, which allows users to obtain a total of 25,000 diamonds for free. If you have any problems when utilizing this approach, please leave a comment and we will gladly assist you.

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