How to format Laptop in 2022? [Easy Steps]

How to format Laptop in 2022? When suddenly our Laptop starts hanging, Laptop always starts restarting, or when a virus comes in our Laptop, then we are forced to reset our Laptop or delete all the data.

By resetting the Laptop, the virus also gets deleted along with the file. And the issue of hanging the Laptop is also solved.

Many people do not know the methods to reset laptops. They go to a shop to reset their Laptop. Then the shopkeeper takes charge of them to reset the Laptop.

So that’s why with the help of today’s article, I am going to tell you the methods to reset Laptop. After reading this article, you can easily reset your Laptop.

While resetting the Laptop, some things also have to be taken care of. I will also discuss those things in this article.

How to format Laptop Windows 7,8,10?

How to format Laptop Windows 7,8,10

If you have a windows 7,8,10 laptop and want to reset your Laptop for some reason, you can reset your Laptop by following the steps given below.

But before resetting the Laptop, you must take a backup of your Laptop. Because after formatting or resetting the Laptop, all the data present in your Laptop will be erased. Therefore, you must take a backup of the important data present on the Laptop.

How to backup on Your Laptop?

It is very easy to take a backup on a laptop. You can back up the Laptop on any pen drive, memory or online cloud storage.

If you want to take backup of the Laptop in Pendrive or any hard drive, then first connect that hard drive or pen drive to your Laptop. After this, transfer the important data present in the Laptop to that pen drive.

On the other hand, if you want to take backup on online cloud storage, then you will need internet. After that, you upload your important files to that online cloud storage.

Now you know how to reset Windows 7,8,10 laptops?

How to Format Laptop (Window 7,8,10) in 2022?

You can reset/format your Windows 7,8,10 laptop by following these methods.

Before formatting the Laptop, you must update your Laptop.

Step 1. You go to the setting by pressing the window button on your Laptop.

Step 2. Now open the Update & security option.

Step 3. Click on the recovery option given below.

Step 4. Here you will get the option of an advance. Click on that option.

Step 5. Click on the “Reset This PC” option given on the right side.

Step 6. Here you will get two options. If you want to reset your Laptop’s data without deleting it, then select “Keep my files.” If you want to delete all the data on your Laptop, select the “remove everything” option.

Step 7. After this, a warning message will come. Tap on the “Next” option given below.

Step 8. Again click on the option of “reset.”

After this, your Laptop will be reset.


Laptop reset will take some time. At the time of laptop reset, you must connect your laptop to the charger.

Even if you have a Windows 11 laptop, you can reset/format your Laptop by following the above methods.

Before resetting your Laptop, you must take a backup of your Laptop. Because after the Laptop is formatted, all the data present in the Laptop will be erased.

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