How to enable Wifi calling on android or iPhone?

There is wifi calling just like VoLTE. We also know Wifi calling by the name of VoWiFi. With the help of Wifi calling, we can improve our call quality.

Some telecom companies provide free Wifi calling facilities, while some telecom companies provide paid services.

Which of your telecom company’s sim you can find out by going to its plans or talking to customer care whether they provide Wifi calling facility for free or not.

In today’s article, I will give you information about Wifi calling. Like what is Wifi calling?, How to enable wifi calling on iPhone or android?

So without wasting your time let’s start this article “how to enable Wifi calling on iPhone“.

What is wifi calling?

Vowifi calling is one such technology. With the help of which we can talk on calls without any lag even though the cellular network is weak.

Wifi calling is an advanced feature. Vo-wifi also works in the same way as VoLTE works in our mobile.

You will need internet for Wifi calling. Your device must be connected to a hotspot connection. Whether it is home wifi, public wifi, or office. Just your device should be connected to the hotspot connection.

Wifi calling has to work when the cellular network in our mobile is weak or there is no cellular network at all.

How does Wifi calling work?

A new feature has been added to the Wifi calling smartphone. It is in a way the hardware of the mobile. Which is set in mobile. Only after that, you can do your Wifi calling.

These features are not seen in the old smartphone. This is a type of hardware that is currently installed only in the latest smartphone. If you have an old mobile then you will not get to see Wifi calling features on your mobile.

If you are in an area where you are not getting a proper cellular network. And if your call is lagging, then in that situation Wifi will help you a lot.

Wifi calling works only after connecting to the internet.

How to enable Wifi calling on android?

You do not need to download any external app to make Wifi calls. This setting is given in your device itself.

And yes if your smartphone is old then you will not get to see these features. By following the steps given below, you can find out whether your smartphone has the feature of Wifi call or not.

Step 1. Open setting application in your mobile.

Step 2. Click on the SIM card & mobile data option.

Step 3. Now choose the SIM card on which you want to enable Wifi calling feature.

Step 4. Tap on the wifi calling option and then enable the option.

How to enable Wifi calling on iPhone?

To enable Wifi calling on iPhone, you follow the simple steps given below.

Step 1. Open setting and choose the phone option

First of all, open your iPhone. After that open the setting app. Now you will get the option of a phone, click on that option.

Step 2. Click on Wifi calling and enable it.

Now you will start showing the feature of Wifi calling. You enable the Wifi calling option by clicking on the Wifi option.

After this, you can make Wifi calling on your iPhone. If you want to enable the Wifi call feature in iPhone by connecting other devices as well, then come back after step 2 and click on “allow call on other” device and enable the wifi call feature in them too. can do.


To use a Wifi call, your smartphone or device must be connected to any hotspot network.

Wifi call technology is proving to be very helpful. When the cellular network is weak in our device then we can increase our calling experience by enabling the Wifi calling feature.

You must tell us by commenting that your smartphone has Wifi calling features? And how did you like this article?

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