How to Edit Mobile Videos Using the Inshot App?

Inshot is a prominent app that comes with all features that you expect from a full-fledged video editor. In this app, you will get numerous functions, including trim & cut videos, adjusting the ratio, adjusting the speed from 0.2x to 100x, making photo slideshows, and so on.

In addition, its split features enable you to make several video clips from one video file. On the contrary, you can combine and compress multiple video clips into one without losing quality through the merge features.

However, as the app contains all advanced features, most people don’t know how to edit mobile videos. Well, editing mobile videos through the Inshot app is an easy task. For your convenience, in this article, we have explained how you can edit mobile videos using Inshot.

A Brief Details of the Inshot App

A Brief Details of the Inshot App

Video Editor & Maker – InShot, shortly known as InShot. In March 2014, this editing app was developed by the InShot Video Editor. Since then, it has acquired massive popularity among video editor lovers. As of now, more than 100 million people have downloaded this app from the Google Play Store on their devices.

In addition, InShot has received a 4.7 rating star with 12 million positive reviews. This app is currently available on several platforms, such as Play Store, App Store, Mac App Store. MacBook users can download this app in different ways. One is from Google Play Store and the other from Mac App Store. For downloading the InShot App for Mac from Play Store, you have to take the help of an Android emulator.

Notable Features of the Inshot App

Notable Features of the Inshot App

InShot comes with a vast number of editing tools, making your editing easier. Below we have demonstrated some significant features of this editing app.

Advanced Editing Tools

InShot comes with all advanced video editing features that help to make your videos look professional. It offers a video trimmer and cutter tool so that you can cut any video easily. Besides, the splitter features of InShot allow you to make one video into two clips or split a video into multiple clips. You can also merge different video clips into one file with merge features. Besides, you will get other features like rotate, flip, and so on.

Add Music to Video

This excellent editing app enables you to add your desired music to videos. Along with using your device’s music, InShot offers quite a lot of audio files in different categories. Besides, if you want to use your own voice, you can record the voice to add the voice to your videos. This feature helps to make your video more creative and enjoyable.

Video Filters and Effects

InShot video editing app packs with lots of filters and effects. These filters and effects assist in giving a stunning look to your videos. In addition, this app has some movie-style filters which help you make your videos visual like a movie. You will find other filters too, like stop-motion, old, RGB, and many more.

Video Transition Effects

InShot offers an extensive collection of video transition effects that allows you to merge two video clips by adding transition effects. Transition effects help to give a cinematic look to your videos. This app offers almost more than 55 transitions, including Fade in/out, Glitch, Light, Ghost, Slice, and so on.

Text & Stickers

You can also use text and stickers on your videos using the InShot app. It allows you to add text to your videos by changing font, color, and style. Besides, InShot contains numerous stickers and emojis to create the attention of viewers. You can also add animation effects to make memes of your videos.

How to Edit Mobile Videos Using the Inshot App?

How to Edit Mobile Videos Using the Inshot App

Editing your mobile videos with the InShot app is an easy task. Below, we have explained how you can edit videos using this app.

Import Your Video

First, you have to import videos on the InShot app. To add videos, Tap on the Video icon to open your device gallery. Now select the video you desire to edit. Once the videos are imported, adjust the canvas. You can use either landscape or portrait modes.

Trimming Videos

The length of your imported videos may need to be trimmed. Besides, trimming would be the best choice if you require making the starting and end of the video similar. This way, you will ensure you get the best footage of your videos. For trimming of videos, follow the below steps:

  • Choose the ‘Trim’ or the scissors icon from the bottom toolbar.
  • Now adjust the sliders to take the footage you wish to focus on.
  • After that, click the checkmark on the right side to finish the trimming process.

Splitting Videos

Splitting is an excellent feature of the InShot app that allows you to edit the video length. Using this feature, you can divide one video into two smaller video files. Follow the below process to spit out any videos.

  • Choose the video you want to split, then click on the ‘Trim’ and select ‘Split.’
  • After that, adjust the red-dotted white bar where you wish to split your clip.
  • Once you’re done, press on the checkmark to finish splitting.

Merging Videos

Although split helps to divide one video into two small videos, merge features offer you to combine multiple video clips into a single video. For merging multiple videos, follow the below steps;

  • First, import the video clips you want to merge.
  • You can also merge additional videos, tapping on the ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • After that, select the video clips and arrange the clips as you wish.
  • Then, export the video to add all the clips in one video file.

Add Filters

You will find different filters to make your videos better. Under the filter section, you will get the three different classifications: Effect, Filter, and Adjust. First, you have to choose the effect you want to use and adjust your video’s saturation, contrast, warmth, and lightness based on your needs.

Add Texts and Stickers

Adding texts and stickers, you will make your video look awesome. Tap on the text icon from the bottom toolbar and type what you wish. Move the text around the video for proper placement. Now choose the font you want to use and select the text color. You can also add borders on your text, along with putting shadow and opacity. In addition, you can use animated stickers, emojis, and GIFs in your videos.

Add Music

As we have said earlier, you can add music to your videos. To add your desired music to videos, follow the below steps:

  • Click on the Music tab to add music to your videos.
  • You will see the InShot app’s music library; choose any music from here.
  • You can also insert music from your device gallery along with iTunes.
  • After adding any music, overlay the music on your videos and adjust its volume.

Export the Edited Videos

Once you have edited your videos, now it’s time to export the videos so that you can transfer or post them on social media. Check out the below steps to export your edited videos to your device storage.

  • Click on the Save icon in the top right corner of the screen to export the video on your device.
  • You can also share the videos with your social networking sites directly through the InShot app.


Compared to other video editing apps, InShot has been widely used and gained massive popularity for its excellent features. Along with all basic editing tools, InShot offers some advanced tools that help to make your videos more attractive.

However, some people have found it’s complicated to use for its extensive collection of editing tools. That’s why, through this article, we have tried to provide a complete guideline on how you can edit your mobile videos with InShot.

You just have to follow the process covered above to edit your mobile videos. If you encounter any complications to edit your videos with InShot, let us know, we will try to solve your issues.

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