How does Tor browser works?| How to download Tor browser?

What is tor browser? How does tor browser work? Friends, you must have heard about tor browser.

If you do not have information about tor browser and you want to get complete information about tor browser, then read this article completely.

Because after reading this article you will get complete information about tor browser, such as what is tor browser?, how does tor browser work? More information related to tor browser will be available.

We are able to use the internet only up to 15-20%. And 80% of the internet comes inside the dark web.

Basically In today’s article, we are going to know about the tor browser only. After reading this article, all the doubts in your mind related to the tor browser will be cleared.

So let’s start this article today.

What is Tor Browser?

Tor is a very popular browser. Tor is a short name. The full form of Tor is The Onion Router.

When we use the internet with the help of Tor browser, it changes the IP address of our mobile.

The meaning of Tor browser is hidden in its name. Onion (vegetable) Just as there are many layers in onion, in the same way, the tor browser also works like many layers.

The Tor browser creates several layers of IP addresses so that your original data is hidden.

So that none of our information is shown on the internet or other website. Often every hacker uses the same software as the tor browser, due to which the police and no one gets any of their information.

We can hide our original id from Tor browser. People use the tor browser for good work as well as bad work.

This website of ours does not allow or encourage any users to do any illegal work. We are just sharing this article for information.

How does Tor browser work?

I will explain to you in a very simple way that “how does Tor browser work“. Often when we visit any website like google, facebook, instagram, like other website, we are asked for a permission of a cookie.

When we allow cookies, then all our activity is stored on that website. As Google gets to know all our activity.

Whatever activity we do on the internet is stored in our google id. And all that google knows.

And using the same tor browser, we can hide our activity from google. The Tor browser makes several layers of our IP address.

Whenever we visit any website using tor browser, then the admin of that website cannot track your id address.

If you want to hide your original id from people, then you can use to browser.

Advantage Of Tor Browser

Tor browser has many advantages. Let us now know about the advantage of tor browser.

  • With the help of our IP address, anyone can find our details. At the same time, after using the tor browser, no one can find our IP address. Because our IP address keeps changing frequently in the tor browser.
  • By using Tor, we can encrypt our data.
  • The great advantage of Tor browser is that we can access any blog url or website with its help.
  • Tor browser works like a VPN.
  • Often cases of hacking keep coming to the fore, in such a situation, we can save the id from being hacked by using the tor browser. Tor browser is so secure that no hacker can hack our id.

How to download tor browser?

Downloading the Tor browser is very easy. But you have to use web browser to download tor browser.

You can also use this browser for your android, window, OS device.

Let us know how to download tor browser?

Step 1. Open Any web browser and search download tor browser.

First of all, open any browser on your device and search “download tor browser” on google.

 how to download tor browser 3

Step 2. Visit on website

Step 3. Download tor browser

 to download tor browser?

After this you can download tor browser according to your device.

Step 4. Install tor browser

After Tor is downloaded, you install the app. After this you can open the tor browser and use it.

Why does the Tor browser work slow?

Our IP address keeps changing on the Tor browser. And due to the change of IP address, our location also keeps on changing. And due to the change of location, our internet is slow.

Is it safe to use the tor browser?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use the tor browser. You can hide your original id with the help of tor browser. And hiding your information is not a wrong thing. You can also hide your ID with the help of tor browser and keep it safe & secure.


In today’s article we learned what is tor browser? How does tor browser work? And with this I have shared a lot more information about the tor browser.

I hope you liked this article “how to download tor browser“. You also share this information with your friends so that they also know about the tor browser.

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