How To Download GTA Vice City In Laptop in 2022?

If you like to play online games then you must have heard about GTA 5 game. GTA 5 is the most liked online game. In today’s article, we will know how to download GTA Vice City in laptop?

You can easily download GTA (Grand Theft Auto) game on mobile from play store. But people have some problems downloading GTA 5 game in laptop. That’s why in today’s article I will give you the solutions of download GTA vice city in laptop.

GTA game is more popular because of its good user interface and high quality graphics. We get to see a lot of episodes in GTA (Grand Theft Auto). Each episode has more than one story. No person is bored while playing this game. This is the reason why people like the GTA vice city game more.

Many users have the same problem that they are not able to download GTA vice city games in their laptop. So let’s know without wasting time how to download GTA Vice city in laptop/pc?

What is the minimum requirement to download GTA 5 game in Laptop/PC?

Before downloading GTA V game in laptop, it is very important to know whether GTA V game will run in your laptop or not?

Below I have told you about GTA 5 required PC specification. Before downloading GTA Vice city game, you must check this specification.

GTA 5 Required PC Specification

Operating System – Window 7/8/10/11 above 64 bits
CPU – i3,i5, it’s above and Intel Code To Quad 2.4Ghz CPU
RAM – Minimum 4GB RAM
Required Space in Disk – Upto 65GB or above

So this was the PC requirement of some GTA 5 games. If your laptop meets this specification then you can easily play GTA V game in your laptop.

If the specification of your laptop/pc is not meeting the system requirement of GTA V then there is very little chance to run GTA game in your laptop/pc. But you will definitely check it by downloading one after the other. Maybe start running GTA game in your pc.

How to download GTA Vice City Game In Laptop?

  • Visit the Rockstar game website.
  • Click on the buy option.
  • Complete your payment.
  • Now download and install GTA game in your pc/laptop.

this is one of the best way to download GTA Vice city in laptop/pc. I am not recommending you to download free GTA game.

GTA V Key Mapping

FireLeft Control; Number Pad 0
Next WeaponNumber Pad Enter
Previous WeaponNumber Pad (.) Period
RightArrow Right, D
LeftArrow Left, A
Forward Arrow UP
BackwardsArrow Down
Change Camera ViewV
SprintLeft Shift
Target Delete
Zoom InPage Up, Z
Zoom OutPage Down , X
Look BehindNumber Pad 1; Caps Lock
FireNumber Pad 0; Left Control
BackwardsArrow Down, S
ForwardsArrow Up, W
LeftArrow Left, A
RightArrow Right, D
Enter/ExitEnter, F
Horn Right Shift, Left Shift
Turn LeftJ
Turn RightL
Turn upI
Turn RightK
Look RightNumber Pad 2, E
Look LeftNumber Pad 1. Q
Look BehindLook Left and right

Some FAQs Related to Download GTA Vice City In Laptop.

What is the full form of GTA?

Grand Theft Auto is the full form of GTA.

How to download GTA V game in laptop/PC?

You can download GTA game from its official website Rockstar game. Or you can buy it premium version from any other e-shopping website.

Can i download GTA Vice City in Laptop/PC?

No, GTA is a premium game. If you want to play GTA game, then you need to buy it. Whereas, there are a lot websites available on the internet which you provide to download GTA game free of cost. But it is illegal.

When was GTA game release?

GTA game was released on 27 October in 2002.

Can i play the GTA game offiline?

Yes, you can play GTA game both offline and online. But in offline you got some features. Whereas in online you get a lots of features and interesting episodes.

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