How to download GCam on LG G8X in 2022

Google has finally launched its official Google Camera application, which we know as Gcam. With the help of Gcam you can click images of a high quality.

But Google’s Gcam application supports only a limited number of smartphones.

If you have a smartphone of LG G6, G8, G8X, series then Gcam application will support in your smartphone.

If you use LG G8X smartphone then this article is going to be very special for you.

Because in this article I will tell you the entire step-by-step how you can download and install Gcam in your LG G8X smartphone. And I will tell full features of Gcam application.

By the way, the camera of LG G8X smartphone is very good and its picture quality is also very good. But you can make your picture quality even better by using GCam app.

How to download GCam on LG G8X

What is GCam [Google Camera]?

The full form of GCam is Google Camera. Which google officially launched a few years ago. You can use this camera application in all smartphones of LG G-series.

In the GCam application, we get to see very good features. Such as -portrait mode, night mode, HDR +, zoom in, zoom out, etc. Which are not found easily in any normal app or smartphone.

With the help of GCam app you can also click the image of good quality at night.

How to download Gcam on LG G8X

If you search the Gcam app on google play store then you will not find it on play store. If you download it from a third party website, then you are at great risk.

So I will give you the link of your telegram below, you can easily download the Gcam application by going there.

Telegram Link :- 【Click Here

How to install GCam on LG G8X?

If you want to install GCam app then follow the steps given below carefully.

Step 1. The file you download through telegram will be RAR file. Which you extract, you will get a Gcam app file and another GCam configure file. You install the file containing GCam app file.

Step 2. Copy the GCam configure file and go to your storage and create a new folder with the name of GCam. Open the GCam folder and then create another folder with the name of “confix 7”. And then paste the copied file into the same folder.

Step 3. After this you open GCam and click two times between shutter and gallery preview button.

Step 4. After this a pop-up will open. Select the option with restore.

Step 5. After this the GCam app will be successfully installed in your mobile.

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How To Use GCam on LG G8X?

GCam is very easy to use. If you successfully install GCam Configure file then all the important setting of GCam app will be set automatic.

You can click the image by choosing the mode in which you want to click image.

Features Of GCam

HDR + = High Dynamic Range which we also know as HDR +. With the help of this, we can click the photo of high dynamic range.

Motion Photo = Like HTC Zoe and Live iOS, we get to see motion photo in GCam as well.

Smartburst = Smartburst will be enabled if you hold the shuter button as down. With its help, you can click upto 10 images in 1 second. Is this feature good? Please let us know by commenting.

360 ° Photo = With the help of this feature, you can click images up to 360 °. To enable this feature, enable the photo sphere option.

3D Image = Penroma you can click the 3D picture. Camera has to revolve around that thing to click the 3D image. And all the images are combined to form a 3D image.

Final words

In this article I have shared with you what is GCam ?, How to download and install GCam ?, Features of GCam. Like I have shared information.

If you have any confusion related to this article “How to download Gcam on LG G8X” then definitely ask us by commenting. I will try my best to solve your problem.

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