How to Download Avatarify app in iPhone in 2022?

How to download avatarify app? Avatarify app is becoming very popular at this time. If you are interested in any short video platform like instagram, tiki, taka tak, etc. Like if you use the short video platform, then you must have heard the name of your Avatarify app.

In today’s article, I will give you complete information about Avatarify app, such as what is Avatarify app? Why use the Avatarify app? How to download Avatarify app?

With the help of Avatarify app, you can make a speaking video from any photo. This app converts any photo into animated video.

Nowadays videos made with avatarify are trending a lot. People are telling the video made from the avatarify app to be quite funny.

So let’s know how to use Avatarify app?

Let’s Start…

What is Avatarify app?

Avatarify is an app with the help of which you can convert any photo into animated video.

Avatarify app works on today’s modern technology Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR).

Avatarify app is currently trending a lot on social media. People are using this app a lot on social media by making the image animated video. And this type of video is being liked a lot by social media’s users.

You can use this app absolutely free. However, this app is currently available only for iOS devices. You cannot use it in android.

How to Download Avatarify app?

The Avatarify app is only available for iOS (iPhone) users. Meaning that only iPhone users can use the Avatarify app.

You can also download this app from the app store and also from the official website of

To download from the App Store, open the App Store on your iPhone. And search by typing avatarify app in the search bar. After that you download the app.

How to use avatarify app?

With the help of this app it is very easy to convert photo into animated video. If you do not know how to make animated videos with Avatarify, then you can easily convert any images from Avatarify into animated videos by following the steps given below.

Download Avatarify app
How to use Avatarify app?

Step 1. First of all, install the Avatarify app on your iOS device. After that open the app.

Now you open the app. And click on the next option.

Step 2. Now a pop-up will open in front of you. In which the plan of Avatarify premium will be shown. If you want, you can choose its premium plan or you can also use it for free.

Step 3. Now you will be asked for some permissions. You allow all the permissions.

Step 4. Now open the photo you want to convert into animated video.

Step 5. Now many types of effects will be shown on your screen. Select the effect you want to apply by tapping on it once.

Step 6. After this the effect will be applied on your photo. You can also download the photo. Or by clicking on the share option, share your whatsapp, instagram, facebook, etc. directly from the app itself. Can share on

Can avatarify app be used in android?

No, you avatarify app is only available for iOS devices. It can only be used by iPhone’s users. So you cannot use this app in android smartphone.

By the way, you will find many apps like this on google playstore. You can use those apps for free just like avatarify.


Friends, in today’s article we learned what is avatarify app? How to make video from avatarify app? How to download avatarify app?

I sincerely hope that after reading this article, you have come to know about the avatarify app. And with the help of that app you can easily create animated video from photo.

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