How to Clean Your Computer Inside and out

Dust outside your computer can slow it down, while cleaning them can run them
smoothly. Large unused files can also slow down your PC and heat it up.

How to Clean Your Computer Inside and Out

How long have you been using your computer? If this is about several years then you need a deep cleaning of your computer inside and outside. There will be full of dust and dirt on it, and software will be loaded with malware.

Cleaning your computer inside and outside will prevent it from cooling down. Use a clean microfiber cloth with glass cleaner to clean the keys and fingerprints clean the fan’s vents. For internal cleaning, you can delete all the unused files clogging your computer and making it slow.

This will take only 20 minutes to an hour to clean your computer thoroughly inside and outside. But this is very helpful for your computer to run smoothly. Do this cleaning part every three to six months to get a brand-new PC.

Why Clean Your Computer?

How to Clean Your Computer Inside and out

There are numerous reasons for thorough cleaning of the hardware and software. It helps your computer work more smoothly, lasts longer, and saves you time and money by cleaning its hardware. Cleaning on a regular basis preserves both your investment and your data.

Wiping down the screen and clearing crumbs from your keyboard improves the performance of your equipment and reduces the chance of it breaking down. D You can suffocate your computer’s hardware with dust and other particles.

If you don’t clean your computer regularly, you can face some issues. Like your laptop making a buzzing noise, faulty power supply, getting hot, and many issues. You can simply clean your laptop based on this write-up; if it does not work, consult with an expert to check the problems.

Do not perform any physical cleansing on your computer, which is still switched on or has electricity connected to it. Before cleaning your computer or its accessories, disconnect them.

Gather Your Tools and Cleaning Supplies

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Cotton swabs
  • Paper towels

How To Clean Your Computer Inside And Out

To clean your computer properly here we decided it into two parts: inside and outside. Get all the tips with detailed information here to clean yours-

● Outside the Computer: Hardware

○ Clean The Computer

 You can clean the outside of the computer before or after cleaning the inside. Use glass cleaner on the paper towel or microfiber cloth, then wipe down the outer part, don’t spray the glass cleaner on the PC.

This can be the best way to clean your computer’s external portion. If you need to clean your screen more thoroughly, dampen a cloth with a 50-50 mixture of distilled water together with distilled white vinegar. Then lightly rub it simply.

Use a clean sponge soaked in mild dish soap with water and squeezed out to clean the front and rear of your laptop cover. Keep rubbing the area. Before switching your computer back on, ensure it’s completely dry.

○ Clean The Keyboard

Shake your keyboard with fast and tremendous movements by turning it upside-down. There will be a little bit of mess here after doing this. Before you continue, wipe that off with a clean cloth.

Blow away any leftover dust or debris with compressed air. Thoroughly clean the keyboard with just a damp cloth dipped in a cleaning solution, then clean each key separately. If there is dirt on some keys, you might have to scrape a little harder or use a wet magic eraser.

○ Clean Your Mouse or Touchpad

Use compressed air to blow dirt and dust away If necessary, wipe the crevices using a damp cotton swab. Clean it up with a dampened towel dipped in your cleaning solution.

You will need to scrape a little, or you can even use a wet magic eraser if there is a layer of dirt. You should clean the entire mouse cord with a damp cloth. Watch it to see if it damages anything. If it has, the cable is likely to be damaged, which might cause issues.

○ Blow Dust From The Vents, Fans, And Other Accessories

Before doing anything with the vent and fans, make sure you check the manual for some clear instructions. Open the exterior part of your computer with a screwdriver. Clean the fan and case with a can of compressed air. Further cleaning uses cotton swabs and picks up all the dirt from the vents or the small crevices.

○ Power Surge Protector Checking

Power surges can put your computer under unnecessary strain and, in certain situations, cause damage to the power supply.  After one power surge, surge protectors may no longer function.

Even if they’re still ‘on,’ they might not be giving the kind of security you require. Therefore, particularly after a significant power spike, it’s essential to check them from period to period.

○ Run Check Disk Tool

Microsoft offers a Check disk tool to detect hard drive issues. The utility will look for and fix problems, including file system errors and faulty sectors. Run a thorough scan if you haven’t already, as this will enable automatic fixes.

● Inside the Computer: Software

○ Antivirus Software

Antivirus software protects your computer from malware and viruses invading it, corrupting your data, or collecting information that leads to identity theft. Antivirus software is available in both paid and free versions, along with most programs that could be programmed to run in the background instantly.

○ Update The Software And Programs

Update all the software, but the most-used programs must be updated first. Since many updates are designed to keep software secure from dangers, outdated software can be vulnerable to viruses.

Downloading together with installing the most recent versions of your apps will secure your PC while also keeping it running smoothly.

○ Remove Unused Apps, Software & Bloatware

If you installed too many apps and software and not using them, then delete them all from your computer. You’ll also need to get rid of the bloatware, which typically comes with most PCs nowadays, advertising-supported apps, and utilities that you don’t use.

○ Delete Large Files

There are always some files on our PC that are not important. Some leftover files from the program were installed, some temporary files, and many more. These files will make your PC work harder. Try to clean those unnecessary files.

○ Backup The Hard Drives

It’s critical to back up your vital data. In general, you have two choices for backing up data: making a physical copy. A thumb drive or external hard drive is the first option. As an alternative, you can keep a copy online, or in the “cloud.”

How Often Should I Clean My Computer?

You might have to clean your computer almost frequently based on your surroundings. One key variable is the location of the computer. Dust, hair, skin cells, as well as carpet particles, are easiest to get inside when your computer is on the floor.

Particles are less likely to enter your computer if kept above the floor, such as on your desk. If any of the above apply to you, you should clean your computer every six, or even three, months. Also, if your computer is turned to get warmer than usual, open it up and clean up the dust or dirt buildup.

Wrapping Up

All computers and their components deteriorate and must be replaced or improved after a particular time. However, you can postpone this and ensure that your computer has a long and safe life with careful care.

Your computer, like your clothes, house, and dishes, has to be cleaned on a regular basis. This will guarantee it continues to function correctly. Cleaning a desktop computer is simple and quick, which will take about 20 minutes of work to remove the dust and debris that accumulates over time.

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