How to check FASTag balance? [ Easy Steps]

In today’s article, we will know that how to check FASTag balance? There are many ways to check the balance of Fastag, I will tell you about all those methods in this article.

We have to pay tax to the government for driving our car on the road. Which we call toll tax. And the place where toll tax is paid is called toll plaza.

There is a long line of vehicles to pay the tax on the first toll. And it is obvious that if India is a country with more population then there will be jam. Therefore, every toll plaza used to get jammed to pay tax.

Keeping this in mind, the government brought the Electric Toll Collection (ETC) system. FASTag is also an Electric Toll Collection system. There is a chip in FASTag. And FASTag is fitted on the front glass of car, truck, etc.

And each toll plaza has a toll receiver. When the vehicle from under the receiver in which the FASTag device is fitted when it passes. So automatically toll tax is deducted from your FASTag account.

Just as we get recharge done in our sim, in the same way we have to get recharge done in fastag too.

After the arrival of Fastag, the jamming of vehicles on the toll plaza stopped. Earlier people had to stand in line for hours to pay toll tax. But now you do not even need to stop at the toll plaza.

How to check fastag balance?

You can check your fastag account balance in many ways. Let us know one by one “how to check fastag balance“.

How to check fastag balance From App?

Step 1. Open google play store in your mobile. And then download my fastag app.

Step 2. After this fill in your fastag account details and login to my fastag app.

Step 3. After this you will get the option of my account details on the home page itself. You can check fastag balance from there.

How to check FASTag balance From Call?

The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has also provided a call alert facility for its fastag registered users. You can check your fastag account balance with just a miss call.

You can call on +91-8884333331 from your registered mobile number. If you have linked Fastag with any other wallet, then you cannot change FASTag balance through call.

That’s why call on +91-8884333331 from the same mobile number with whichever wallet you have linked your FASTag account and check your FASTag balance.

This number is a toll free number.

How to check FASTag balance From ICICI Wallet?

If your FASTag is linked to your ICICI bank wallet, then you login to the ICICI website. Either you download the google play store eToll app.

After this, fill your details and login to eToll. You can also follow the same process on the website.

But I would recommend that you download the eToll app. Because it is very easy to check FASTag balance with the help of eToll app.

After login to the eToll app, you will see the option to check fastag balance on the home page itself. You can check FASTag balance from there.


So in this way you can check your FASTag balance. You open your FASTag account from trusted place like ICICI, Paytm, Amazon pay.

If your FASTag is linked to amazon payment, paytm wallet, then you can check FASTag balance from amazon app, paytm app.

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