How to change billing address in Amazon?

You regularly use Amazon to buy different types of online products but recently you have moved from your location and confused how you can order online products at new locations. Then in this article we provide how to change billing address in Amazon

Amazon is one of the popular online buy and sell sites. This company is famous for its product quality and also known as the world’s biggest company which makes it more trustable. The owner of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, is the richest person in the world and continuously tries to make Amazon applications more user-friendly. For this they make everything very simple which can be used by any techy person.  

So if you are a person who doesn’t know much about technology and applications but is still in search of how to change billing address in Amazon then you are in the right place below. We provide you with some simple instructions which you can follow to end your problem. 

What do you mean by billing address in Amazon

As we know that Amazon is an online buying and selling application which people used to buy different types of products. In this application when you choose any product then your product will deliver at your address. 

The address where you want to deliver your products is known as the Billing address. You can easily understand the meaning of this word by understanding that the place where you give your bill is known as a billing address on Amazon. 

Sometimes when we visit any new place then we are afraid of how we can order our product or how we will get our online Amazon product at this new location. If you are also confused about this then you need to understand How to change billing address in Amazon. 

How to change billing address in Amazon

If you want to change the billing address in Amazon then you have to follow some simple steps which are given below. 

Step 1 – Open your Amazon application which you used to buy any online product. 

Step 2 – When you open Amazon then you see your account profile picture on the right hand side and then click on that profile. 

Step 3 – After that visit to the menu section where you get lots of options. 

Step 4 – In the menu option you get the option of addresses where you have to click. 

Step 5 – when you click on the address option then you get the billing address. You have to click on it and change your address which you want to use right now and after that click on save changes. 

Note – there is no limit to changing addresses in Amazon when you visit a new place, then follow the above instructions and write your new address, click on save changes and start using this application as before. 


Hope you read all the above information and understand the meaning of the billing address in Amazon and be able to solve your curiosity by following the above 5 instructions. So, this article provides complete information about How to change billing address in Amazon then do not forget to share this article and if possible leave your valuable comment below. 

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