How to Be Popular on Quora

Do you want to know how to become popular on quora? If yes, then read this article, in this article have explained step by step how to become popular on quora?

To get popular on Quora, you should answer with humor. There are questions available on specific topics for experts to share their knowledge. A good question with lots of upvotes will make your answer get pinned. This will get you a lot of followers.

If you want to get popular on Quora, you should flood your content on that platform. Be consistent and make your writing appealing to the readers. This will surely bring you a good number of quora followers.

So, how to be popular on Quora with your content? Check out the article to get a brief idea about some effective strategies –

How to Be Popular on Quora

Getting popular on Quora takes time. It works just like other social media. As quora is a platform to ask and answer questions that means readers come here to know something new or to solve their confusion. So how to make yourself popular among the users? Have a look at 3 major approaches that worked for most of the users  –

1. Attach Your Image with Answer

First, let the user know who you are by reading your answers. Find questions where you will get to share your real-life experience. Attach one or two images of yourself. For example, if someone asks – “How was your first day at college?” In response, share your personal experience and any photos you have from that day.

Find similar questions and let the readers notice your face and your answers. They will start noticing you and this is going to make you a common face on Quora. You will start gaining the trust of people with upvotes. Your answer will be more acceptable to the readers.

2. Engage with Other Users

Engaging with other users will make a good impact on your profile. Try to find popular questions about your preferable niche or topic. Look for comments that are still active and reply with something that makes sense. If you manage to get a good response to your comment, they will try to figure out your profile. This also lets them see your previous answers and other content. That’s how you get the user’s attention from the comment section.

3. Provide Quality Answer

Providing quality answers always works on Quora. Doesn’t matter who you are, the quality of your writing will always get you good feedback on Quora. Good answers lead to good upvotes. If you get a good number of upvotes, readers are definitely going to check your profile to know more about you. The following points will help you to write better –

● Well-Researched Answers

Don’t make it a hurry to answer questions. Find a question that matches your interest or belongs to your niche. Research about the topic. Answer it no matter how long it is. Readers love to read well-researched answers. They are on Quora to get something and to gain something. Be authoritative on the niche or topic.

● Related to Real Life

Reader prefers answers related to real life. Share your experience and make the answer more relatable. This won’t make the reader feel bored.

Use simple sentences that are easy to understand. Make sure you are providing the answer with quality English and minimum grammatical errors. You may provide personal opinions that are not copied from anywhere else.

● Consistency

This is the only way to stay motivated and continue for a long time. Stay consistent and have patience. Keep answering regularly and maintain the quality. Search for a question of your interest and there will be related questions as suggestions. You will be able to answer multiple questions without any waste of time.

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How to Be Popular on Quora

There are so many new users with a lot of followers on Quora. How did they get that? Well, there are some approaches you may follow to get a good number of followers. It can be gained by just answering a lot of questions.

First of all, complete your profile. Add a beautiful picture of yours. If you have any skill or company, add it to your profile. Learn about the different features of Quora. Follow some spaces you find interest in. Start answering from the first day of using Quora.

In Quora, you will be able to add topics of interest or topics you are skilled at. Add some topics to get questions of that criteria. For the first few days, you need to stick to a specific niche. Readers will definitely notice you and your content. Expand your topic once you have gained a good number of followers from that niche or topic. Answer questions that are popular. People will interact in the comment section of these questions regularly. Add humor to your answer. Don’t let the users get bored. Write long answers with small paragraphs. Bring a unique tone of writing and check which one works. You will be able to check your content & stats. This will help you to realize if your strategy is working or not.

Apart from your preferable niche, you should try answering romantic or religious topics. They get a good number of views and people interact with these questions a lot. Don’t spread hatred, just share facts or your point of view. Readers love to read romantic stories or narrations.

What is your story of first love?

This question on Quora has 526+ answers and the first answer got 39.7K+ upvotes with 494.7K views. Share your story even if you don’t have one. If you can manage to get into the first few positions with your answer, you are going to have a lot of followers for sure. Impress readers with your style of writing. Let them search for more of your writing.  

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So, find interesting questions to get quick followers as a new user. If you can’t write well, use images or GIFs. There are users with a good number of followers by just answering with images. Collect funny images of any topic and search for the perfect question. Let people get impressed with your humor. People are here to get some knowledge and have fun. Let them have any one of them.

Bottom Line

You should make your answer appealing to the readers. Engage in popular questions as there are most recent comments. Find out trending questions of your niche. Maintain consistency and don’t lose patience. If you manage to answer with quality and engage with other readers, you will get popular in a very short time. For the first few days, don’t check the stats or analytics of your performance. Good things take time.

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