How to BackUp on Cloud Storage in 2022?

inWhen IBM first launched a storage component, it was the size of a large heavy suitcase and had a cloud storage capacity of just 5 MB. It was a huge accomplishment if we look back. But today storage has become a completely different story altogether.

As days turned to years, our need to digitize everything made larger storage capacity a necessity. Photographs were no longer stored in reels and albums, music, video footage, games etc also had the same transition. From cassettes, CDs and Floppy, the transition to pen drives, hard-disk was expected to happen.

While a majority of the devices today have a storage capacity anywhere between 512 MB to 2 to 3 TB, there was still the concern of carrying the data around and the fear of losing it due to malfunction or theft or any such scenario. This was when cloud storage began to play a vital role in the safekeeping of all the important

The primary highlight of Access to Free cloud storage was that it gave one the freedom of moving around with minimal digital necessities and almost no fear of losing data on the go.

What is cloud storage?

Wondering what Cloud Storage is all about? First and foremost absolutely nothing is stored high up in the sky amidst the clouds. Jokes apart, cloud storage is the future of modern technology. As devices are getting slimmer and smaller, innovation is also progressing towards a different digital world.

Huge servers that are hosted by a specific company, store the personal data of the individuals in the logical pool that is better known as Cloud storage. In simple words, when one wants to save a file, he or she can either save it on the computer or the phone. However, for extra safety, you can access the storage of the hosting company and store the data on their server.

The next time when you need the data and you do not have your phone or laptop handy, you simply can log in to your personal account with the company from anywhere that has internet connectivity. Once you log in to your data, you can easily access it, change it, or add additional information to it and store it back.

The best cloud storage providers often have the permission of worldwide access. It does not matter on which side of the planet or continent you are, your data will remain safe and sound and you can access it from just about anywhere.

Some of the best cloud storage facilities are available with Amazon, Samsung and Google.

How does google cloud storage work?

How does google cloud storage work
How does google cloud storage work?

Google cloud storage is probably the most preferred choice worldwide for the safekeeping of information’s and data. Highly secured with layers of encryptions and security tags, the data stored in the Google services can be accessed for years without worrying about leaks or theft.

Google cloud console helps users to understand the technical aspects of cloud storage and the various important informations one needs to be aware of. Additional details can be learnt through the Gsutil, the command-line tool of Google.

The data sent to a Google Server is automatically organised into various categories known as buckets. This helps in sorting and retrieving the data easily without needing to search for them.

How to login/ sign up on google cloud storage?

Signing up for Google Cloud Storage.

Step 1. Once you log in to your Google chrome browser, there is an option of “create Bucket” on the top of the left-hand side corner.

Step 2. When you click on the “creat Bucket” option, you will be asked to name the bucket. It is best to choose a very unique bucket name, that is very rare and comprises letters and numbers.

Step 3. Next, choose the storage class. The four available options are Standard, Nearline, Coldline and Archive. The multi-region availability, performance and rental cost are all the deciding factors, that can help in deciding which class t choose.

Step 4. Next is to choose a location, which should be preferably nearby to the location of the service as this reduces the latency drastically.

Step 5. Once, the choice of location and storage class is finalized, you can click on the “creat” option and you are done.

Login into the Google Cloud Storage

Step 1. Choose the option Data Studio in your browser and select Data Source.

Step 2. Choose the right Google Cloud Storage connector from the available names on the list.

Step 3. Select the ‘Authorize’ option to enter into the personal cloud storage unit.

Step 4. You can select a specific folder to access or simply enter your bucket name to access it completely.

Step 5. Click on the ‘Connect’ option.

How to Back Up on Cloud Storage?

While we feel safe having our data within the safety cocoon of personal storage options like HArd disk and pen drives, cloud storage is a far more secured option.

The data is not only safe from theft and damage but is in a much more secured digital vault that cannot be accessed by any third party unless you give permission.

Backing up all the relevant data like photos, videos, audios etc into the cloud storage is hindrance free.

A majority of the electronic devices today, like phones, computers, cameras etc are equipped with an option of directly auto-saving the data into the cloud storage.

While that is the easiest choice, manually backing it up is also possible.

Step 1. Go to the ‘Control Panel’ option in your device and click on the option titled ‘System and Security.

Step 2. The ‘ Backup and Restore’ option allows you to automatically set up the data to be transferred automatically to the Cloud Storage Server.

Step 3. Once the location of the backup and type of files to be stored is selected, you can click on ‘Next’.

Step 4. You can select the frequency of auto back up into the cloud storage on the next page. It can be anywhere between daily updates and back up to a weekly or monthly designated day.

Step 5. Once it is done, click on ‘Save Setting and Run backup’ and you are done.

What is the limitation of google cloud storage?

Though Google Cloud Storage is one of the most preferred choices for backup and storage, there are a few limitations with Google Cloud Storage.

  • For an individual, the maximum allowed Google Storage is 5TB. WHile it may sound like that is a massive amount of storage space, it actually is not sufficient for long run.
  • In fact 5Tb is also the maximum size of a single data to be stored, which makes it difficult to store server datas and large files.

Another aspect of Google Cloud Storage is that it is slightly more expensive than its many fellow contenders. Despite Google Storage’s high efficiency, One Drive cloud Storage by Microsoft is preferred by many due to its cost-effective annual pricing. Similarly, Amazon Cloud Storage is also another well-rated Cloud Storage facility.

Advantages and disadvantages of Cloud Storage


  • Remote storage of data without worrying about theft and damage.
  • Multiple copies of the stored data are saved as a backup to prevent loss.
  • Highly secured with layers of security checks and encryption.
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Restoration and up-gradation of data automatically.
  • Cost-effective annual charges for Cloud Storage capacity of 5 to 10 TB.
  • Option to edit and perform other tasks online and directly save them in the Cloud Storage.


  • Speed restriction while uploading or downloading, depending on the internet service provider.
  • A password security breach can occur if a weak and easily detectable password is chosen.

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