[ 3 Methods] How to activate DND in Jio SIM?

How to activate DND in Jio SIM? | How to deactivate DND in Jio Sim? With the help of DND, we can block all the unwanted calls and messages coming to our mobile number.

Often advertisement calls, messages come to the user. TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) brought DND features keeping this in mind.

With the help of DND, any user can block annoying calls, messages on their number.

The full form of DND is “Do Not Disturb“. This feature is available in every telecom company. If you have a sim of any other telecom company other than jio company, then you can activate DND in that too.

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How to activate DND in Jio SIM?

There are many methods to activate and deactivate DND in Jio SIM. I will tell you about some methods in this article. You can activate and deactivate DND in your jio sim by following any of the methods mentioned in this article.

Activate DND In Jio Sim Via SMS or Call (Method 1)

It is very easy to activate DND in any SIM with the help of SMS.

You open the messaging app on your mobile. After this, send STOP 0 from your Jio SIM to the number 1909.

You can choose any number from 1 to 8 other than START 0. Sending each number activates different DND. Whichever number you will choose. All kinds of unwanted annoying calls and messages related to that field will stop.

START 0 = To see all DND options

START 1 = Stop Banking, Insurance, Credit Card, Financial Products incoming calls

STOP 2 = Stop Real state incoming calls

START 3 = Stop Education related incoming calls

START 4 ​​= Stop Health-related incoming calls

START 5 = Stop Automobiles and Consumers related incoming calls

START 6 = Stop Entertainment, IT, Broadcasting, Communication-related incoming calls

START 7 = Stop Tourism and Leisure related incoming calls

START 8 = Stop food and beverages related incoming calls

Either you can activate DND in Jio SIM by calling 1909. For this, you call on 1909 from your Jio number. And follow the steps given on the call.

Activate DND In Jio Sim Via MyJio App Or Jio Website (Method 2)

The process to activate DND on both the MyJio App and Jio website platforms is exactly the same. You can follow these steps on both the Myjio app or website.

Step 1. Login to Jio.com or Sign on MyJio App

First of all login to the MyJio app or website with the help of your Jio number.

Step 2. Click on more option and then setting

After login, you will have the option of more show on the top left side. Click on the More option. After that scroll down and go down there you will see a setting option. Click on the setting option.

Step 3. Click on the “Do Not Disturb” option

You tap on the “Do Not Disturb” option given on the first number in the column of the Service Center.

Step 4. Tap on “Set Preference

Click on the set preference (edit icon) given above.

Step 5. Now choose preference and then click on Submit option

After this, choose which type of calls, messages you want to block, tap on the submit button, choosing that option.

How to deactivate DND in Jio Sim?

It is very easy to deactivate DND on the Jio sim. You can simply deactivate DND through SMS or call.

For this, you just have to send it by writing STOP on 1909. After this, your DND will be deactivated.

Either by calling 1909 and following the command of the computer, you can stop DND in Jio sim.

FAQs Related To Activate DND in Jio SIM

How many types of DND?

DND is of two types. First Partial DND and Second Full DND.

What is Partial DND?

In Partial DND, we can activate DND on any one or more than one service. As with the help of partial DND, we can stop only educational promotional calls or SMS, insurance-related annoying calls, or SMS.

What is Full DND?

In Full DND we can stop all types of promotional, unwanted calls, or SMS. Full DND is much better than partial DND.

How to start dnd in Jio?

– Login on MyJio app/Jio.com
– Click on more option
– Go to setting
– Click on the Do not disturb option
– Tap on set preference
– Choose preference and tap on submit option.

How check DND activated or not?

– Go to dndsearch.in website
– Write your mobile number
– Fill captcha
– Tap on the “Click to DND Scrub” option

What dies DND stand for?

Do Not Disturb


So guy’s in this article I have shared information about How to activate and deactivate DND on Jio SIM?

I have shared several methods to activate dnd on Jio SIM? I hope do you like this article “How to activate DND in Jio SIM”.

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