Find my Phone: How I can trace my lost phone in 2022

Our phones are perhaps the most used and most loved gadget we have. The world around us today is completely controlled by this tiny 6 to 7-inch device. Imagine what would happen if you lose it suddenly…

Panic is imminent because let’s face it….

Gone are the days when we memorized phone numbers or important data. After all, we gave the responsibility of remembering and handling it all to our phones. Right?

So the next question one may ask is, “how do I find my Phone?

Well, if you are lucky enough to have your GPS on, then the job is almost done. You simply need to file a report and let the authorities trace it. Or you can simply use a Phone tracker app and find it yourself, provided it was lost or misplaced rather than stolen.

Now, what happens if your GPS isn’t switched on?

You might be thinking, “ I will never be able to find my phone again!!”

Well here things can get slightly difficult but it is still possible to trace the lost phone. Now you must be wondering how do I find my phone when I don’t even know where it is?

There are some way to find my phone. Let’s start one-by-one.

How do i find my Phone in 2022?

How do I track my phone using IMEI number?

This is one of the most efficient ways of tracing lost phones. Technically all phones have to be mandatorily registered under the CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register). This number is not changeable.

In case someone decides to change the IMEI number of a lost phone, the call facility and network facilities of the specific phone are immediately stopped by the Government. Hence it is completely useless to even try it.

So what is the IMEI number and where do I find it?

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment number which is also called the fingerprint of a phone in layman’s terms. The 15 digit code can be easily found on the invoice sheet or the smartphone box. Given the gravity of importance the numbers have, it is always best to save it somewhere safe.

Once the number is given to the authorities, they can trace the location even if the phone is without a sim card or signal.

How do I track my phone using Google Maps?

find my phone

We all have our phones linked to our Google accounts. Right?

Simply log in to using your Google account and voila! The google map will pinpoint where your phone is picking up the nearest signal from.

Even though it might not be the exact location, it will give you a vague idea of the vicinity of where the phone might be. Once you have tracked it, it’s your choice as to how you want to handle the issue.

If the data is more important than the phone in itself, you can always choose to remotely access it and delete all the personal and valuable information you may have on the device. This will prevent your data from being misused.

Secondly, if you don’t want anyone to be able to use it, you can always reset the pin and lock it. The device is more or less useless now even if you do not get it back.

Safeguard your phones beforehand with Google App

With each day, the world of smartphones is becoming more powerful and multifaceted. There isn’t much a phone cannot do today. So, securing it from the get-go is also becoming very important.

Numerous apps have been created for the sole purpose of protecting phones from being stolen or lost. Google, the most trusted tech giant, has a special app “FIND MY DEVICE” that was solely created for this purpose.

Precise and accurate, this is one of the most successful applications today for tracing phones. However, to allow it to work properly, it is important to have the app running on the phone from the very first instance.

Under the Settings category of any Android Device Manager section, choose the options Google and then click on Security. The tag “find my device’ appears next. Make sure to choose to switch it on. In case of an issue, this will make the process of tracing the lost phone very easy and quick.

How to track your phone online?

Sometimes, tracing a lost phone is easier if you are lucky. So, i hope you may wonder, “how do I find my phone, when I don’t even know where it is?”

Several websites are operating online that can help you track your phones for free. Simple registration with your email id and phone number is sufficient enough to start with. Targeting the nearest cell tower signals, these tracking websites can give you an approximate location accuracy of 100 to 500 meters depending on the signal strength.

Tracing your phone location isn’t a tough job anymore. Gone are the days when a lost phone meant lost hope. Here are many more tips and ideas one can choose to opt for if they telly want to find their phones.


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