Earn money online : 3 Popular and Realistic Ways in 2020

Hey guys in this article I will show you Earn money online IN 2020 / Work From Home / With Zero Investment

3 POPULAR AND REALISTIC Ways to Earn money online in 2020 .

CONTENT WRITING, PODCASTING, and COMMISSIONED ARTWORK are the most effective ways to Earn money online in 2020 ( work from home).


This is the Basic rule to Earn money online. All you need is dedicated towards your work and The rest of the things will start happening by themselves.

The benefits of work from home or working online are:-

  • Your work — Your rules 😎
  • You don’t have to travel 🚙
  • Easily available
  • Time friendly ⌚
  • You don’t have to work under anyone 👩‍🏫

COVID-19 pandemic is a crisis but we can convert it into an opportunity. By working online you can generate a source of income for yourselves.

There are many such websites available, Where you can start your work.

QUESTION – Which topics contained in article ?

  1. 3 POPULAR And REALISTIC WAYS To Earn money online IN 2020
  2. Work from home
  3. How to start Content writing and Earn money online
  4. Tips to start PODCASTING
  5. How can Commissioned Artwork help you to Earn money online
  6. Required Skills AND Useful WEBSITES

YOU do not have to be Intelligent,

You just have to be passionately keen.

——— Einstein
  • Content writing
  • Podcasting
  • Commissioned Artwork


a) How to start Content Writing ?

CONTENT WRITING is the process of creating, writing, and editing web content, mostly for digital marketing.

It also includes writing articles, posts, and blogs or content for a specific platform.

This is one of 3 popular and realistic ways to Earn money online in 2020.

If you have writing quality or it is your hobby then you can Earn money online also, by writing blogs /articles/niches etc.

It is very simple, when you will provide Content to someone then the client will give you money. You can also write to yourself.

You can create your own websites and then by posting a niche on that website you can earn money.

CONTENT WRITING jobs are in great demand. You can easily start this work because no investment is needed.

All you need – A Smartphone and passion to Earn money online 💰.

QUESTION – What is the procedure to earn money by Writing content ?

ANSWER – To Earn money online by Writing firstly you have to post your blog/article or other Content on the website and To make your website you can use BLOGGER or WordPress.

Only after Google Adsense Approval on your website After publishing article/niche according to traffic on your post, you will get money. You can work as a freelancer.

Another Method – You can contact Bloggers on Facebook and Instagram also and they can give you Content Writing works. It is simple when you will create Content for them, they will pay for it.

Before knowing anything , you should know types of content writers :-

  • SEO Content writers
  • Technical Content writers
  • Editorial Content writers
  • Report writers
  • Marketing writers

Firstly you have to choose which one is your type or in which one you can give your best.

CONTENT WRITING is not a magical scheme with which you will become rich overnight. You have to be patient and keep learning – keep improving.

The More you write, it will polish your skills and the whole point is that if your content is good – people will read your articles.



Content quality should be your first priority. If your Content is Unique and original, automatically Your post will get a lot of traffic.

Because people are always looking for something new and interesting.

Work From Home gives us the opportunity to stay at home, all we have to do is utilize our time and think creatively. Research about the topic you are going to write.

Decide calmly about the topic like name/style / special point etc. Every time give your best – firstly read your article as an audience by yourself and find mistakes in it or try to make it better.

The whole point is that Content is the major thing upon which 90% of things depend.


– Chetan bhagat


SEO means Search engine optimization and the primary goal of SEO friendly Writing is to rank in search engine.

By using internal linking and placing keywords ( type – low competition but high CPG) wisely in your article you can boost your ranking.

You should also pay attention to the length of the blog, It should be more than 800 words. can be considered as a Writing skill.

Important points of SEO friendly Writing :-

Use headlines and sub headers

Optimize length of blog

Choose keywords carefully

Content quality – HIGH

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A3. Simplified And Clear thoughts

You should be clear in your thoughts that which type of audience you are going to target.

It means that a big portion of the audience search anything on Google for normal information, so if your Content is written in a manner like it has too many technical terms and Content is not simplified.

Then readers will not connect to you and they’ll not understand what are you trying to tell.

Your Content should not be confusing, always it should be clear; You’re with the flow of motion or against the motion because sometimes while writing we write a lot of useless stuff that hides the motive of the article/niche.

Describe things in a pattern, you can make your own pattern. Create such type of pattern on which the reader spends more time.

EXAMPLE – Heading ➡️ subheading ➡️ content ➡️ Question ➡️ second heading ➡️ any quote ➡️ content ➡️ conclusion.

Content Writing is a work in which you give words to your thoughts. How you express your thoughts it shows your level of Writing .

A4. Editing in Writting process

Editing is a very important step in the writing process. Always Before publishing your post edit it well. CONTENT is the soul of the article so read it again and find mistakes or do improvisation.

Choose images carefully because nowadays people are more attracted to visual information.

There are various tools available on WordPress or Blogger which can provide you features for extraordinary editing.

Photos that are selected by you should be relevant to the topic and make sure to give credits to the person or website from where the image is taken. Don’t plagiarize.

Because Google will not accept this. When you 3-4 times read your article, definitely you will make changes in it or something new will hit in your mind.

Editing is considered as one of the skills of Writing. when everything is completed, carefully post permalink, meta description, and other things in your article.

Editing helps to reduce mistakes, make Content attractive, correct placement of keywords, and to grow as a writer.

A5. Websites For Content Writting

I’m going to share the name of websites on which you can work and Earn money online (2020).

The Focal point of any discussion is money and the websites I am going to tell. These are reliable websites.

Many people know how to work but they don’t know where to work. You can contact people in addition to these websites for Writing work and hopefully, you can get work.

It is necessary to know about websites because every website has a different curriculum to give work and the rate is also different.

Do not waste your time by working on fraud websites.

The following Websites are good – you can try them.

Websites for content writers

Question -Are there any important tips for Content Writting ?

Answer – The more you read, the more you can write. Never stop reading, read different people, different genres. This will speed up your thinking process.


Commissioned Artwork: Art is the expression of creative skills and Commission resembles endorsement and sponsorship.

In the local language, you can say that when you make any Artwork for customer, the customer will pay you and this is known as Commissioned Artwork.

Types of ARTWORK

  • Painting
  • Surrealism
  • Sculpture
  • Drawings
  • Visual arts
  • Modern Art etc.

b) How can you make Commissioned Artwork your income source?

Material Required : A Smartphone, Fb/Insta account, Powder paint, long-handled brushes, chalk, large crayons, sheets, cardboard, oak tag wrapping paper, wooden boxes, orange crates, wallpaper, different shade pencils etc.

• The Commissioned Artwork is a work related to your talent and ability. Your success in commissioned artwork depends on how well you make handmade drawings.

If you are not able to make a high level of painting right now, there is no need to be disappointed. This is a task in which you can try better. This is a task that you can start from your area, school, college.

If you make very good pictures, people will definitely contact you to take their picture. It is also a work from home type job.

Hand-drawn picture has special significance. You can showcase your art at auction.


• You can earn money from a commissioned artwork contest. You may also get a chance to earn money there.

When people start liking you, you can resort to affiliate marketing to earn money. If you like, you can also add more people who can do commission art for you and you can use it as a business.

How much money you make depends on your ability. Always analyze your creation. Analysis of Artwork is not a description of Artwork.

Your first goal should be to engage the customer with you. If you do a good job for the customer, he will contact you again.

Skills – In Commissioned Artwork Analyse, Evaluate and Synthesis are elements of critical thinking.

Postulates of art include variety, balance, pattern (colors, texture, realism). An analytical point of view is very important, so you can improve yourself.

Art is the Best way to express your emotions .

— B.k poul

Methods to start Commissioned Artwork :-

B1). Using Facebook Account

The first thing you should do on Facebook – follow IAF ( Indian Art Federation). There you will meet various artists people.

The best advice They can give you. You can contact the admin of the page and ask him about commissioned Artwork.

They will see the level of your painting/drawing. If they like it, they can consider working with you and they will give you money according to the projects.

You can also create your own page, where you will own the page and not work under anyone.

You can give work to others and earn a commission for it. Use your social media accounts is a good way.

Question : What should be the price for first artwork ?

Answer: It totally depends on conditions like the quality of your artwork, customer’s budget, artwork types etc.

Example – for a normal portrait of average quality you can charge $5 to $10 USD.

B2). By Organizing Contests

A great suggestion is to organize a competition to make money without extra effort. You can organize a contest using your social media account so that when people participate in it, you will earn your income from it.

First of all, organize a competition. Apply the entry fee in that competition and you will earn income from that entry fee.

Give some of your income to the winner of the competition. This is a task in which you do not need to invest money first. With this, people will again participate in your competition.

As people join you, you will be able to organize a large-scale competition. But your success in this depends on how well you post pictures on your page and how to keep the page popular.

EXAMPLE – Entry fee: Rs.25 ➡️ No. Of participants: Rs.50 ➡️ Winning Amount: RS. 500 ➡️ Your Income: Rs.500

Here you can give the winning amount from the entry fee 😎. And easily without participating you can earn RS.500.

B3). Using Instagram account for Comm. Artwork

You can create your page on Instagram which should be totally dedicated to Artwork. Update your page regularly. Only then people will trust you and get connected.

You can organize contests on your page. You can spread your affiliate marketing business through your Insta account.

If people start liking your drawing/art they can contact you to make their portraits or paintings through Instagram.

You can also get money from Instagram when your page becomes popular. People can contact you for their promotion and you can demand money for it.

Quiz – which of the following can be done work from home ?

1. Drawing

2. High tech Manufacturing

3. clinical help

ANSWER – 1. Drawing

Helpful WEBSITES :-

  • Art wanted.com
  • Fivver.com
  • Upwork.com
  • 99designs.com
  • art finder.com
  • indeed.com etc.


What is PODCASTING: Podcasting means digital audio files on the Internet that are released in form of episodic series and it can be downloaded by users easily. Example – Radio programs.

Basic Requirements to start Podcasting :-

  • A microphone
  • A pop filter
  • Recording and Editing software
  • ID3 software
  • A vanity URL


– Shakespeare

When you start PODCASTING, your first step will be to choose a platform. After choosing a good platform, you create a good profile and publish good podcasts on it.

This way you can connect with a lot of people through podcasting and also make money. First of all, you have to choose a good topic about which you are fully aware and interested.

Your success depends on how much people like the program you present. When you choose a good topic and a good title and create a different style of presenting the program.

Then people will definitely like you.

Different ways to Earn money online from PODCASTING:-


Money can be earned in podcasting through sponsorship. When someone sponsors your show, he gives you money instead and you promote his goods, which also benefits him.

You do not need to meet more than 100 sponsors for the best deals. Just you need to know how to talk and ensure the deal.

Most sponsors pay for your podcast based on the download rate. Download per CPM (cost per mille).

So the better you do, the more sponsors contact you. Podcasting Example – Squarespace and audible etc.


You can give coaching to people in your podcast. This type of coaching can be related to education, health, technology, any work. Podcasts are courses that are learned from listening rather than books.

Through podcasts, you can start your teaching classes so that you can teach any type of skill in business, education, or any field.

If your teaching method is good, people will definitely come to you and you can also present your podcast as an episode. You can make different types of offers to people.

Example – First five free podcasts then put charges on it .

C3). Affiliate Marketing :-

You can easily Earn money online from affiliate marketing while podcasting, but you should have a little knowledge of affiliate marketing.

When people listen to your podcast and like it, if you give information about a product or recommend buying it, people will be impressed by you and buy the goods and Which gives you commission and it is up to you how many viewers listen to you.

In fact, the scope of affiliate marketing has greatly expanded. It is Work from home type job. You can do affiliate marketing in any way, blogging, social media accounts, podcasting.

QUESTION :- What is the highest income of Podcasters ?

ANSWER :- Joe Rogan makes $800,000 per episode .

C4). Audiobooks :-

You can make audiobooks, different from traditional ways of reading. This will be a series of courses in audio files that you can give the book form.

In place of books, a large section of people introduce audiobooks. You can also earn money through this.

CONCLUSION: Overall thing is that if you are really willing to Earn money online, you can Earn money online either way.

CONTENT WRITING, Podcasting, Commissioned Artwork Earn money onlineearn money and work from home.

SPECIAL CALL:- If you have any kind of query you comment below, I will surely reply to your precious comment 😇

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