What is the Best Way To Charge A Phone Battery in 2022?

The phone battery is the main part of any smartphone. Our smartphone gets energy from the battery itself so that our smartphone runs. But have you ever wondered how to charge a phone battery, how to increase a phone battery life, or how to solve the battery draining problem?

Friends, if you have questions related to phone batteries in your mind, then read this article completely. Because in this article I will tell you phone battery tips and tricks.

If you do not charge your phone battery properly, then it reduces the life of your phone’s battery. And issues like mobile draining are seen.

The battery of the smartphone also gets damaged due to the heat of the phone. And there are many reasons for the heat of the phone such as using the smartphone for a long time, using the phone while charging, using a heavy back cover, etc.

A small mistake of your daily can damage both your phone’s battery and phone.

In today’s article, I will tell you about all those small mistakes that you make daily in your life.

Best Way To Charge A Phone Battery

It is not that the battery will last a lifetime if the phone’s battery is charged properly. But yes, if you follow the thing mentioned below, then it will increase the lifetime of your phone’s battery.

And with this, the phone will also give more battery backup. If you charge the phone’s battery incorrectly, then it directly affects the battery performance. And your phone starts giving less battery backup. And we have to charge our phone again and again.

And the heating issue is also seen due to charging the phone again and again. Which directly affects the performance of our phone. And due to this, the phone starts running slow.

So I have given some points below. If you follow those points then definitely your phone’s battery life will increase.

  • According to a research by Battery University, which is a Li-ion battery in our smartphone. He should never do a full charge.
  • The best way to charge the battery is to charge your phone only after saving 15%-30% battery. And charge the phone up to 90% only. Never use the battery till 0%. After using the battery up to 15%, put it in charge.
  • If the phone is getting more heat at the time of use, then let the phone cool down for some time. Then use the smartphone again. Due to the heat of the phone, it reduces the battery backup of the phone.
  • Never charge the phone from the public socket. Because to charge our smartphone we need 220 volts of electricity. And 220 volts of electricity comes into our homes. On the other hand, if we talk about the public socket, then electricity keeps coming more and more from it.
  • Charge the phone with our company’s chargers. It is not that only the company’s charge of the smartphone should be used. You can also use the charger of any smartphone company, it should be a branded company.

So these were a few ways. If you have to follow these methods then the battery life of your phone will increase. And your phone will also give more battery backup.

At what percent should we charge our phone?

See, there is no such point fix that you have to charge your phone only on this percentage. If it is an emergency then you can charge the phone at any percentage.

But if you charge the battery of your phone even 15%-90% then it is best. When your phone’s battery becomes 30%, then put it in charge. And plug-out the phone from charge till it is 90%.

This is a golden method. Before following this method, there is no bad effect on the battery of the phone. And your phone gives more battery backup.

For how long should we charge the new phone for the first time?

When we buy a new phone, the first time the phone has to be charged for a long time. This is because after any phone company is out, it remains with the shopkeeper for several days.

And our phone has a Lithium-ion battery. Without using and charging for a long time, the reaction in the battery of the phone stops. Therefore, to gain full charge to the battery, more electricity is needed.

Whenever you get a new phone, charge it for at least 3-4 hours. Although this time depends on your battery capacity.

If your phone has more capacity the first time you will have to charge for a long time, if there is less capacity then you will have to charge less.

What will happen if you charge the phone overnight?

It is often heard that our phone may blast due to overnight phone charge. Which is a completely wrong myth. Although this myth used to be true earlier.

Because earlier phones had a nickel-ion battery. Which we can easily remove from the phone. In that case, it could be a problem. Charging the nickel-ion battery for a long time could also damage the phone’s memory.

But now the phone has become very smart. At this time, Lithium-ion non-removable battery is coming into our phone. In all the smartphones of this time, when the battery is fully charged, then it stops being charged. Even if you have plugged your phone into the socket.

If you forget to charge your phone while sleeping at night, then there is nothing to worry about. Nothing will happen to your phone. This myth is not applicable at this time.


Friends, in this article I have given you some information about charge a phone battery and have also given some tips as well.

If we charge our phone incorrectly, then there is a bad effect on our smartphone and battery backup.

If you are troubled by the battery draining problem. So definitely check out this article of ours. I have told the solution of battery draining problem in that article,- How to solve battery draining problem? I hope you must have liked that article.

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