Best Vodafone-Idea VI Recharge Plan in 2022

VI (Vodafone and Idea) is one of the most popular and largest telecom company. VI offer cheap and reliable plan to its users. Basically in this article i have discusses best Vodaphone Idea VI recharge plan. I will share with reliable plan to its users. Basically in this article i have discusses best Vodafone – Idea VI recharge plan. I will share with some most popular VI recharge plan.

If we talk about the popularity of VI, then it is the third largest telecom network in the whole of India in terms of subscribers. Jio has the highest number of customers, Airtel comes on the second number. And VI comes on the third number. According to the 2022 report of TRAI, VI has a total of 199 million active customers.

Ever since both Vodafone and Idea companies have become one, since then there has been a lot of improvement in their network. And at this time VI is offering a very good recharge plan to its users.

In today’s article, I will tell you about VI’s most popular VI recharge plan. If you use VI company’s SIM then read this article completely. Because in this article I will give you information about all the popular VI recharge plans.

Most Popular Vodafone-Idea (VI) Recharge Plan

Rs. 79 Vodafone VI Recharge Plan

So on our first number Rs. The plan of 79 comes. This is a basic plan. If you want to keep incoming and outgoing active on your SIM, then you will have to recharge at least Rs.79 for 28 days. This is a basic recharge plan of Vodafone.

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In this recharge plan, we get talk time of Rs.64, 200 MB 4G data and outgoing and incoming pack for 28 days.

Rs.149 Vodafone VI Recharge Plan

After this comes the Rs.149 recharge plan. If you only want the facility of unlimited calling, then this plan will be best for you. Under this plan, we get unlimited calling, 300 SMS pack, and 2 GB internet data for 28 days. And in this we get some additional benefits such as access to Vi movies & Tv basic.

Rs.199 Vodafone (VI) Recharge Plan

Rs.199 vodafone recharge plan comes on our next number. In this plan, we get unlimited calls for 24 days, daily 1 gb internet pack, and daily 100 SMS pack for 24 days. And in this also we get access to VI movies and TV.

Rs.219 Vodafone (VI) Recharge Plan

There is not much difference between this plan and Rs.199. Rs.219 We get validity only for 28 days. Whereas in the plan of Rs.199, it is available for 24 days. For this we get 1 GB daily, 100 SMS and unlimited calls for 28 days.

Rs.249 Vodafone VI Recharge Plan

This is the best and popular recharge plan of VI. VI offers validity up to 28 days to its users in this plan. And in this plan we get to see 1.5gb internet pack daily, 100 SMS, unlimited calls.

In this plan, we also get offers of Binge all night, weekend data rollover, Vi™ movies and TV. According to me this is the best recharge plan.

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Other Vodafone-Idea (VI) Recharge Plan

₹109Truly Unlimited Calls, Only 1 GB Data20 Days
₹267Unlimited Calls, 25 GB data20 Days
₹269 Unlimited Calls, 4 GB data56 Days
₹301 Unlimited Calls, 1.5GB Data Per Day, Binge All Night, Weekend Data Rollover28 Days
₹405 Unlimited Calls, 90GB data, Binge All Night28 days
₹447Unlimited Calls, 50 GB data60 days
₹595Unlimited Calls, 2GB per day, Binge All Night, Weekend Data Rollover, Zee Premium Subscription56 Days
₹555Unlimited call, 1.5GB/Day, Binge All Night, Weekend Data Rollover 77 Days
₹701Unlimited Calls, 3GB/Day, Binge All Night, Weekend Data Rollover 56 Days

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