Best New WhatsApp Features in 2022

Whatsapp always keeps updating new WhatsApp features for better experience of its users. Also, keeping in mind the privacy of its users, WhatsApp has also updated its Privacy & Policy in 2022.

Today I am going to tell about the WhatsApp features, some of those features have not been officially launched yet. But they are going to be officially launched soon. If you are a beta user then you will update your whatsapp then you will get to see all these features.

If you want to join whatsapp beta version then you can read this article of ours. I have told complete steps in that article that how you can join whatsapp beta version. Read Also : How to join whatsapp beta?

So let’s move towards today’s article “new whatsapp features”.

Best New WhatsApp Features in 2022

All these whatsapp features are new. These features are very good in enhancing the user experience.

View Once Feature

The View Once Feature has just been launched for the beta version of WhatsApp. But the View Once Feature feature is going to be launched in WhatsApp soon.

If you send any photo with the help of this feature, then the receiver can open that message only once. Meaning that in View Once Feature the receiver can open the sent media only once.

He cannot open that media again.

How to use View Once Feature on whatsapp?

  • To use View Once Feature, you open your whatsapp. And open any chat.
  • After this select any photo. There you’ll see an “i” icon. Click on it.
WhatsApp Features in 2021
  • After that you click on send.

Whatsapp Sticker Pack

 Whatsapp Sticker Pack

Earlier, if we had to send a sticker to someone, then we had to use a third-party app. But now it will not be needed. You can send great stickers on WhatsApp without the help of any third-party app. Because WhatsApp is going to introduce with forward sticker pack feature.

With the help of this WhatsApp feature, you can send your favorite stickers to your contact member. Now you will not need to install third-party app to send stickers.

Join Missed Calls

Often we talk to our friends, family, clients with the help of WhatsApp group. Sometimes it happens that we get a group call and we miss that group call due to being busy doing some work. Earlier there was no such WhatsApp feature that we can join that missed group call again.

But WhatsApp has introduced new “Join Missed Calls” features. If you miss a group call of your friend, family or anyone, then with the help of these features you can join that missed call. Well, I really liked this feature. I am a beta user so I have already got this feature.

Join Missed Calls feature will be officially launched by the end of this year.

Chat Transfer Feature

Chat Transfer Feature

For the last several years, there was a demand for Chat Transfer features from many users. So finally WhatsApp has launched this feature. Earlier, when an iOS user used to move like android, he could not transfer his WhatsApp chat to android.

But after the Chat Transfer feature, now any iOS users can transfer all the data of their WhatsApp to Android.

However, with the help of this feature, only iOS users can transfer their data to Android. As of now, there is no official announcement that Android users will be able to transfer their WhatsApp chats to iOS.


So friends these are some new and latest features of whastapp. Some of these features have not been officially launched yet. If you are a whatsapp beta user then you will get to see all these features. And all these features are going to be officially launched soon. I have found the best “view once” features, which one do you think, do tell us by commenting.

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